Monday, June 25, 2012

What Is Wrong Being Single???

As i am sitting alone try to burst some ideas from my mind for me to write in this blog,I take a  review from my emails and facebook's inbox until some superb question popped me out.Its a question asked by someone I hardly knew,probably someone who's been reading my blog before.The question is the type that I try my best to avoid and works so hard not to think of.Indeed,its something I'm not good at to answer.I may speaks loudly about gender discrimination,I may shows aggressively about my fashion sense,but I hardly discuss much bout this question.

The question is:

 "How far would you go for a relationship?and how does you                    see it?"

Lots of people are intrigued to know about my relationship story.Do I have a boyfriend?Who is it?How its happen?and on.Answering above question wont make me openly answering every inch of details about it.Would prefer to filter it before it is posted.

Honestly,I have no interest to answer this type of question.And,dear,honestly its annoying.Look,I am the type of girl who dont look myself to be in any relationship yet,erm,maybe. It may sounds cliche but its true,I have so many things going on in my life right now.Settling everything,boosting career,climbing oppurtunities,I have no time or any chances to think about all this relationship stuffs.

As I always said this,LOVE YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE YOU EVER THINK ABOUT LOVING SOMEONE ELSE,and again,i really mean it.Look at yourself first,I appreciate myself more than anything.What I have been trough for the bad and goods in me,I believe its  a great gift from GOD and I have my full love to it (myself).To put myself in a relationship,it needs me to think so many times whether its worth it.Nowadays,its not just about attractions but so many more.How far will it bring the effects in my life?how can it benefits me?and so far I havent seen any so I thought its better for me to keep loving myself,my family and friends.Nothing more or less.

And dear single ladies,need to remember that there is nothing wrong in being single.You know that you are valuable enough to be too cheap to gives out your heart to a person you are not sure of. So why should trouble yourself to think of being in so called love relationship while you are improving yourself everyday by being single.Unless,the person you in relationship with is someone that brings you to some positive improvements in your life.Its not just about feelings and all those lovey dovey words.

"Someone special comes NOT when you are lonely or need one,but when you are READY and happy to be yourself."

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LOVE from the top to my sexy bottom,
XOXO Iris Iana.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

hidup tanpa bulu mata plesuuueeww

kalau selalu mekap tebal,teringin juga post gambar muka mekap nipis aka muka hancur dan hazab!kbai!

*sila simpan hinaan keburukan wajah saya dlm hati...larikk nanges!!

happy birthday Iris

oh kini saya sudahpun mencecah usia 22 tahun.macam tak percaya,rasa mcm baru smalam iris dok depan lappy daftar blog ni,huhu.Dah terlalu banyak dilalui dan akan ada yg lebih banyak akan berlaku.Apa yang perlu minda perlu fokus hati harus optimistik.

walaupun agak terlambat post,tapi saya mengucapkan.. "Selamat Harijadi ke 22 tahun Iris Iana!!!!" #feelingsendiri

 "Jangan sering berdoa agar hidup sentiasa mudah dan lancar,doakan agar diri menjadi lebih baik"