Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Treasure

I didn't know why but i have been so excited to write so many posts lately.My brain seems to generate too many ideas to be put on the blog that I have to pour all the ideas on a post,save it into the drafts and actually plans an appropriate timeline which and when the best time for me to publish them.So all the articles are like waiting for their turns to be published and for god sake,it makes everything much easier.I dont want to end up publishing 5-6 posts in a day,cause you guys would be bored just to read everything that i have inside my brain!

Honestly,i have so many things that managed to catches my eyes whenever i'm on search for the best fashion items to be put in this post.Ive been looking and studying the whole trendiest fashion items for about a month. But,Im always that person who much prefer my own guts and intuition than the latest trend itself. Things that amazes my sight and looks practical will always be the first to end in my wishlist.And as for this post,I would like to share with you guys the three items I'm craving for the moment.1st,the hobo bag,with bold prints or color.Because every hobo bags have a very simple and sophisticated shapes to it,the one that stands boldly in color or prints always look good for everyday use. 2nd,Blazer,actually im on search for royal blue and light pink blazer but i end up falling for below(picture) blazer.I'm in real love for it prints actually,so unique.Lastly,darling,who didn't love the mullet skirt to add some sexiness?!
Animal prints are surely a comeback.Hobo bag by Reed Krakoff
 Spring 2013 

 This blazer is a gorgeous piece.You cant really tell the real prints,is it a snakeskin print or what?And that what makes it so attractive.Not to forget the glamourous colour.Highly chic in so many levels.By Alexander Wang Spring 2013.

I was blown away by the silhouette of this skirt."Something wrong" creates something amazing to it.Ive seen this type of  silhouette from Gucci too,but on skirt,its just amazing.By Balenciaga Spring 2013.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Bedazzled style by Kristina Bazan.

Old Hollywood glamour inspires a lot of the current trends.Stepping into the gliterring look with amazingly beaded or lace dress.Shower your skin with bronze,luxurious cream and daring red lips. Keep make-ups subtle and yet still elegance with the shine of bronze and golden focusing to your eyes.But my darlings,what is glamour without confidence to portray the elegance?

She is one of my favourite blogger.Exquisite taste and high end fashion sense.Kristina Bazan.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

street look video atmosphere in NYC

i think that this video is very in love are new yorkers to fashion.every detailed are so chic even they are going for groecries and even to works.I totally will go to New York some days!

the Look: Dayang Nor Atikah

Dayang Nor Atikah
winner for Ford Supermodel Competition (Malaysia)
Remarkable beauty and amazing style. :)

pic from

Saturday, November 10, 2012

hobo hobo.the must have casual bags.

Quite tired looking at dozens of girls wearing the same bags trying hard to copy the look of Blair Warldorf.The classic Dior-styled bags, the bowler bags was like everywhere and im tired of seeing girls hanging it on their wrist looking like some kind of a cheap copycat style.I am more keen to look for Hobo bags.It doesn't make a comeback yet,but yes,I think its the perfect time to find a nice one.

It screams casualty and practicality.I remember i used to have one last year and it felt so comfortable that because of the compartment is quite wide and very easy to be filled with my stuffs.Bag is like my second mobile home,everything I need have to be inside it. Majorrr!

Structuredly Subtle: Prabal Gurung

There's a thin line between the strong bold structured look and subtle femininity and Prabal Gurung is very well known for one of those designer who managed to stand between these two identity.Rich and contemporary,the look of his 2013 Cruise Collection makes us forget the vibrant tribal prints brought by Burberry Prorsum. Its what special,going to the versus pathway of trends seems to captured the attentions.I am impressed,well impressed,he is young and a fashion genius.Creating an edgy look while at the same time keeping its subtle and wearable.So my darlings,lets take a look of his 2013 Cruise Collection and let us be inspired with his style. LOVE.

i love the the edgy and strong prints on the dress and very structured materials.

Born on 31 march 1974.Born in Singapore but raised in Nepal.
Attended Parsons School of Design. First fashion debut was in 1999.
He was the runner up for 2012 CFDA/Vogue Fashion Fund.

Yes,let us also be impressed with the fact that he is major hot...

Monday, November 5, 2012

my times with the dolls

What can be much more happier on weekend if its not spending times with my favorite dolls?I mean my two baby dolls,Myl and Fafa.We are enjoying our times so much relaxing and having a chill times. :).Its MAJOOORRR.

Im wearing my yellow chiffon blouse with butterfly motives on it.My favorite pick was the skirt.Its chic in so many levels,i've tried to match it with so many clothes and its still end up to look good.I am so in love with it.FYI,that black satin bow was from another skirt.And of course,my chained pink bag blends so well with the skirt too.I felt so feminine in these outfits!

I also got the matching bangles for the bag.And still,I always like to play lots of colours on my outfits especially accessories.Make it chunky and vintage,uh-mazing turn on chicness!

 I cant believe that I am with Myl having our off weekend day together after a long fight before.Eh,just kidding!One thing about me and Myl,we never fight since we're become good friends.Its just amazing,and now we both had grown up so much but still close like we used too.It feels like  asister when I'm with her.

Myl's flat shoes are major turn on.I love it.Its so her,edgy!

My charming beloved Doll,i call her Along,and I LOVE her so much! (and her paradise collections of bags!)

Guess what?I bumped into Farah Jaja!!she's also one my closest friend since we're studying together.Its been a while now we both are working and had not spend so much times together like we used to. :( But i was really glad to see her.

 One thing about us is,eventough we share the same addictive interest to fashion but we both completely had TWO different personal style.Myl is always the type of girl who looks very edgy with a bit of rockish looks while i'm more to a feminine style and love all the skirts and dresses.I guess that what makes both of us interesting,we have grown to develop TWO different style and personalities.