Sunday, July 3, 2011

neutral on kim

okay2..i know i get alil obsessed wit all these kim's stuffs.But,hey,she is amazing!her style is effortless.Dont blame me!And now,iI think she's my muse!

Its good to see kim in neutral and natural colour wit all those bobbies pop-out and cut out dress.Here,I love every each of the pieces on her body.She looks radiant.

Extra Terestial

The theme is 'Bunga Raya'.huhu.Instead of the natinal flower,I was changed into an alien.The sky is prettier than everything!(on the shooting day,I cant stop cursing cause the sky is dark and the rain start to pour on my face,my head was heavy cuz the hair is big and I have to stand on the mud with dat tongkat sakti as my support!)

Costume by Feque Farhan
Make up and hair by Rozlan Nassir
Photo by Fayhmi Samsudin

story of a younger pic.

Have u ever browse ur pics around and found sumthng so funny like ur old pics?I found my very old pics(not so old la!about 3 years ago...when i was about 17 years ol.Its an old pic when i joined a beauty peagent in KL.)I was all so excited to be on the stage and to parade my legs with those 'Bobby's self made' pario...I bought it in a fabric store in front of my house a few days before I went to the competition's day.Didnt win anything,yet Im so happy to be the youngest contestant who just passed my SPM !hahhahahahha

Yeah...I know..damn i look different here.Wit da big hair...thick make-up...big eyelashes..and yup...very skinny frame.I am 17 in this picture.I am only about 52kg!gosh..I still cant believe I have dat figure not long ago.