Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flower Flow

Hye everyone,its been a while that I havent update my blog.So sorry because you know,apart having a great fabulous life right now,things can get a little bumpy sometimes.Fortunately,I prefer myself to be as an optimistic person,I always try to figure out problems in life in a positive ways.I also learnt that having someone(friend or family)that actually understands your situation is very important so that you can always refer to them before taking any stupid decision that could ruin ur own self. :)

Here,myself i did some shopping for the weekend.Good for self therapy.And accompanied by Myl and Fifie.See what are we wearing!

my favourite dress of the week!tada!a flowy flowery dress with a simple belt.I just love it.The flowy fabric feels so comfy.And yeah,chosen by my friend,Semah.I have a new peep toe heel!its velvet and dark brown.Love it,so not my common taste but im happy to have anew experience walkin tall in that shoe!

After dis sum shopping,i went to a new opened club in pavillion,bedroom.a cool place to hang out!I saw Mizz Nina and Tengku Azura around.It was a a great night!

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