Monday, November 7, 2011

why we should hate megan fox?

we hate her.
she find the best way to look sexy and its true... BY TRYING NOT TO LOOK HOT OR SEXY!
Style Megan Fox Street

Saturday, October 15, 2011

jump and travel to memories

last week,i was bac in Perak attending my batch's fashion was on monday that i have to lie to my manager that I was sick while I was running in heels for the show.hiks!

it was such a great proud of all my batchmate for their high commitments.later on i'll post sum of their great designs and creations.For this post,i just wanna tell how i feel so good to meet my friends,juniors and also lecturers.i was overwhelmed when everybody seemed so excited to see me.even the people that i never knew in the campus,but they still seem so excited to meet and get to say hi!

I really want to meet Puan Aniah,my lecturer.the one that always makes me feel challenged yet her motherly treats makes me so comfortable with her.and of course,Puan Rohana,i cant stand my tears because i do n really2 miss her!

this picture was taken 2 years ago...from left,farahana ibrahim,iris iana n putri nor atiqah.

and now...i pressnt u.still together and still in love with each other~!


with my junior

with aliff n amer.huhu.thx gelak for the snapshot.plg best,mse iris baru msk uitm,aliff dtg blik iris lpak2 pastu uat lwak bdo.yg penting dia sgt best!alif ni slalu dtg blik iris pastu mtk tlg uat sketch drawing dia cuz lukisan dia terlalu abstrak n lecturer sgt susah nak phm....kirenye,dr mse mule2 msk kampus,aliff ni antara first kwn yg iris knal n smpy dia dah slalu tgk muka iris iana terbongkang tdo lam blik,baru bgun tdo!hahahahhahahahaha

with tiara,ika n anas.
hehe...tiara mse iris part 2 dia slalu jd kwn iris kalo uat assignment.dia ni cam baek2 n pending sket,tp ttp vogue n kitorg sme2 ske mkap tebal.skg dia dah komen yg tu!hahha.. yg tgh tu model,ika,dia ni sekampung ngan ceq kat jitra so dr part 1 kitorg slalu g klas sme2 n kalo blj kedah kitorg slalu lpak sme2.plg kanan ekali,da queen,anas siriano...dari mse zaman2 jd junior anas lah plh kecoh lam klas.kitorg ske bkepit bdua lam klas,tak dgr lctrer ajar,mlas g klas pastu kitor slalu sme2 kna marah dgn lectrer...however i still love him!all these peeps r so special to me!

my whole batchmate ;") (tears rolling,i miss em!)

anyway tis is my new hair!my new extensions actually!hahahahha ;P

happy bufday razeen mansor!

in this post,id really love to wish razeen mansor's 21 YEARS OLD birthday.there's nothing more that i can say but a wish of good luck in your study,future career and next relationship,eh,ops!i mean next level of your current relationship(mane tau pregnant ke,kan??) :) semoga kau dirahmati selalu...berjaya di DUNIA DAN AKHIRAT...disayangi ibu bapa....bla..bla....bla....zzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....

huhuhu...anyway i have great times makan2 dgn u ols semua dekat madame kwan,pavillion!and again to all my readers sorry cuz again i pkai dress itam tu yg i dah pkai berpoloh2 kali cuz after dpt compliment bnyk kali i tros jd prasan gedik nak pkai dress itam tu slalu.n dat heels,yeah,its da most comfortable high heels i ever had...

my fav bufday boy!!!!sweet 21!!

with nabil volkers.follow him in twitter!

and da rest of zaiton sameon's fan club(tgk sanggul bun rambot diorang,especially zulfaris...ko hadeewww???)

I think kalo kak nana(razeen's sister) ada msti lg meriah.i adore her mine 2 years ago!hiks!


Saturday, September 24, 2011

my career is launched! last!dapat jugak meks selitkan mase untuk bkak blog ni.ok2!tau2...sume cam sentap n nyampah dgn prangai iris yg langsung cam tak serius nak update blog.kejap ade,kejap tade.iris nak ckp sorry pon rasenye cam u ols dah naek nyampah.oklar gini....

bukan sengaja tanak update yelah,idop ni kna bgerak pantas...kalo sehari suntuk nak ngadap pc tekan2 update blog je...sape nak kasi i duit??sugardad i pon dah bankrupt masa yg bgerak tlalu pantas dan keperluan idop yg makin memuncak ni selalu tak mengizinkan iris utk bukak blog ni uat update.pendek kata jadual i terlalu pack dan mmg i slalu bz!huh...sakit ati ajer dgr kan?mcm menteri plak bz nyeww...

apepon,apa khabar kpd sume followers??sehat??iris doakan sumenye sihat...iris pon sehat jugak.kesibukan iris akan bertambah krn startin next month,iris akan mulakan hidup sbg career gul!huh!gul ker????huhuhuhu....

Yes,ill be starting to work.I find myself a job...the one that i never,ever had any idea that im going to be invloves in..hurm apakah kerja itu...?????


yes,i noe...i saw that jaw dropping,eye popping...n all that question in ur guys head..."betol ke pondan giler nih??"hurm...frankly said,yes im crazy.hahha...away!!!from fashion to all these banking stuff...

what the hell is my position???errr...FINANCIAL ADVISOR.....

ok,heres's the thing,this is life.I always believe in never stop trying and never be afraid of experimenting until u find so many potentials in urself.apart from having such amazing body figure n classy sense of style!(KEENNZZ???tetap nak feeling!)i am iris iana is very good in erm....banking financial thingy!hahahah...yeah!i never expected that!i went to the interview,i pass everything n tada!ive got the job and been put in a department where I will actually handle n helps the government staffs to apply for their loan...i will consult them financially based on their income,came out with a plan n follow ups them until they receive their money and so on...bla...bla...bla...its a tough thing but I think surrounded with money makes me happy n im so excited with this job.

so people,listen to me,this is life.never ever always limits your own me,i adore fashion,some says,im good in styling but i always believe there must be something more than just that FASHION i am able to least,it will boost your self-confidence.makes you appreciates yourself.i always hates mathematical stuff n trust me,a friend told me that since i was in school,he knew how i hate ATM machine.but look what have i done to myself!im in financial field!ouch...hehe...but anyway,now that i realize n surprise with my new potential,i became more curious to know whats next I can do in my life and i will always learning n trying to explore.The best part is,I THINK I LOVE MYSELF MORE..and i guess u guys should too, ok??besides why shouldn't we?? :)

this is the product that im talkin about...


huhu...malulah citer lbh2 psl kerja i ni...urm..nanti i citer what im wearing to work ok!hiks!dats da best part!

Sunday, July 3, 2011

neutral on kim

okay2..i know i get alil obsessed wit all these kim's stuffs.But,hey,she is amazing!her style is effortless.Dont blame me!And now,iI think she's my muse!

Its good to see kim in neutral and natural colour wit all those bobbies pop-out and cut out dress.Here,I love every each of the pieces on her body.She looks radiant.

Extra Terestial

The theme is 'Bunga Raya'.huhu.Instead of the natinal flower,I was changed into an alien.The sky is prettier than everything!(on the shooting day,I cant stop cursing cause the sky is dark and the rain start to pour on my face,my head was heavy cuz the hair is big and I have to stand on the mud with dat tongkat sakti as my support!)

Costume by Feque Farhan
Make up and hair by Rozlan Nassir
Photo by Fayhmi Samsudin

story of a younger pic.

Have u ever browse ur pics around and found sumthng so funny like ur old pics?I found my very old pics(not so old la!about 3 years ago...when i was about 17 years ol.Its an old pic when i joined a beauty peagent in KL.)I was all so excited to be on the stage and to parade my legs with those 'Bobby's self made' pario...I bought it in a fabric store in front of my house a few days before I went to the competition's day.Didnt win anything,yet Im so happy to be the youngest contestant who just passed my SPM !hahhahahahha

Yeah...I know..damn i look different here.Wit da big hair...thick make-up...big eyelashes..and yup...very skinny frame.I am 17 in this picture.I am only about 52kg!gosh..I still cant believe I have dat figure not long ago.

Friday, June 17, 2011

The chronicles of the Mulberry's great bags begin....

1.Mulberry Alexa

Look super practical,its the real balance of stylish and lavishly convenient.My colour pick is Blue,eye catching and chic!

Alexa Chung; So far,the most outstanding it-girl to style up the bag.Of course,it was named after her.

2.Mulberry Bayswater

It is sooooo sexy and classy.Like the next version of Hermes Birkin,except im not imagining Victoria Beckham wit it.My pick;cream colour!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my fav K.Kardash

Well,what else can I say.Despite her gorgeous engagement ring I saw few days ago on E!,this girl really is one of those It girls that catch my heart very well.She channel her sophisticated city girl style in such a most captivating way.Its good to know that New York had a better version of It-Girl compared to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

This is what I called a pretty stylish smart bitch!Im a big fan of her.I like her style.Not much onj the cardigan,but it looks perfectly matched with the gorgeous jeans-and pleaseeeee....I popped my eyes out to see her lime green pump killer heels!K Kardash is amazingly stylish. :)

Love,Iris Iana

Monday, June 13, 2011

model off duty: Julia from Next Agenvy,Ny

Firts,I noticd the shade.theyre cool statement.Second,the blazer.I'll look for dat one later.Im so into blazer,again!

model off duty: Bruna from women agency,NY

love her shirt!shes damn pretty!

calling all my guls

Calling all my guls,Fifie,Myl,Amy Marissa,Tina Reena Gonzales,Syazz,Syura and all my Hot Tamales girlsfriends.If u guys have no other plan than bringin ur guys butt to shop,u shud raise ur hand and agree.Lets spend da weekend with my plan!!!okay tidakkkkk????

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scewed up

This is my latest photoshoot!
It was a great night,posing by the street around ipoh.

Me was wearing a black satin duchess dress with glasses and mirror embelished around the V neckline.It was by a friend,Ean Ebrizal.Sexy and super fit dress.The shoes was by me,it was my last time wearing it becuz it was very2 hurtful putting those on!I hate it soo much!stupid shoes!

I know2,many as like,whos that hot gul beside Iris???Hehe...ladies and gentlemen...may I introduces you to Rounnah Beb.Whooaaawww...shes a massively hot Sabahan girl.Basically, a good friend of mine.She's been doing modelling before.I did ask her actually to do the photoshoot together!I never portrayed myself before with any other model in a photo.So I guess she's the best duet.We have great chemistry since I know her.Anyway,Beb,yes you are super hot and fierce.Thx for the crazy shooting night.Uve done it,superbly!

Beb was wearing my bestfriend designs actually,the peeked shoulder blazer,the skert and those killer heels.Its all by Feque Farhan.An upcoming great designer.Miss you soooooo much!LOL!

From the left,its Rafi,the lighting guy,Feque Farhan,Beb's costume designer,Me,Arm afriend of us and of course,Fahmi Samsudin...the photographer! It was a great photoshoot and a great experience working with all of u guys!mmmuaaaahhhxxx!

When looking again at the photoshoot's pics,it reminds me of Beyonce's latest video,Who Run The World and its remind me of my bestie's quote when he sing the song..."Who run the world???.....NOKS!".Hiks!

With Love and High End Couture Kisses,
Iris Iana

Friday, June 10, 2011

My second acc in facebook.

Stelah agak sibuk dan lme tak bukak facebook acc meks.(tetibe post lam bahsa melayu rojak adek2 kan??!)Pagi ni mak bergegas bukak cbe mlihat apakah perkmbangan terbaru.As alaways hati gembira dan tgn bertepuk mlihat fren request dari kawan2 i ols... So tekan sajoh 'friend request accepted' button tuh.Instead of having them accepted like I always did,I got this message...

"Individual Facebook members can connect to a maximum of 5000 friends and Pages. To add this friend you will need to remove a friend or unlike a Page you are already connected to."

Whoa...I guess i can keep up to 10 000 friends from my account.But i guess itu hanyalah khayalan verangan adek2 sajoh.So then..I came out with my second please...add me trough my second acc okay fellows. ;)

Iris Iana

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Newly Crowned Bitch is now a Queen!!.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!yes,we're all goes with the same perception everytime looking at the photos of newly crowned Beauty Queen...'yeah,she's pretty but she is empty.' and we might say that it is so cliche that all these high school/college popular girl at last have the chance to gain some bigger popularity.Or maybe,oh,she's the winner,'Miss Bitchiest of all the bitches'...

Yeah,one thing to drop your jaw down and make this girl different from the other beauty peagent's winner is that,the fact,that she is NOT a girl,yes,a transexual.Can i like kill her??? *envy mood ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

empowering iris.

*no,no,this is not my look after my 21st birthday celebration.Nope,I didnt received any free tanning coupon from any spa as my birthday present.Im still,erm,white!

someone's told me a few days ago during on a private dinner with him,the way to live you life is to not let others tell the directions of your way.I never takes it seriously until I finally understands what really happen in celebrating my 21st birthday about,erm,a week ago!

Its a super hard transition for me(no,not the part of from being a boy to girl!)Its more likely something I defines as INDEPENDENCY.I have dirts all over my brain when I used to get myself trapped with all so many irrelevant and undefiningly confusing advices that had twisted my personality much during my teen ages.It is something I supposed as regretions but not so seriously taken as I know that it would be such a waste to continue put urself in regrets of mistakes you have done.

Well,its an easy concept,I AM GROWING AND I AM DOING IT MYSELF. :)

We all have the ritght amount of potential to make it ourselves.Not being ultimately arrogant,but I believes wrong or good ways,Ive survived myself so well so far.Its a suprising result,to see myself intensely grow into a lot amount of strength to go trough my new 21 years old life.

TRUST-someone put his concept running trough my naive mind,now I am putting him and his understandings about trust so far away cuz he never understands it actually.Now let me understands it my way.So be it with him,I dont need it.

DEPENDENCY-I cant live without my skinny jeans!WRONG.Receiving some stupid opinions from people that Ive depends so much about how they judge me in a bad way-such as 'NO DIGNITY' apparently shook me to climb the mountain barely with my naked hands.Not on top yet,but I see that I will.And let me kick those assholes away from me.Wont say sorry for my rudeness.

All I can say is.Yes,I am a growing maturedly and independently.I consider it asa great emancipation.Im taking on the responsibilities fully towards myyself and happy to learn from all of the mistakes ive done and maybe will do.Just hope dat this 21st years old bring nme more lights to God,both my parents,prosperity,success and diamonds!Hiks!


the 21st years old Iris Iana...

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Flower Flow

Hye everyone,its been a while that I havent update my blog.So sorry because you know,apart having a great fabulous life right now,things can get a little bumpy sometimes.Fortunately,I prefer myself to be as an optimistic person,I always try to figure out problems in life in a positive ways.I also learnt that having someone(friend or family)that actually understands your situation is very important so that you can always refer to them before taking any stupid decision that could ruin ur own self. :)

Here,myself i did some shopping for the weekend.Good for self therapy.And accompanied by Myl and Fifie.See what are we wearing!

my favourite dress of the week!tada!a flowy flowery dress with a simple belt.I just love it.The flowy fabric feels so comfy.And yeah,chosen by my friend,Semah.I have a new peep toe heel!its velvet and dark brown.Love it,so not my common taste but im happy to have anew experience walkin tall in that shoe!

After dis sum shopping,i went to a new opened club in pavillion,bedroom.a cool place to hang out!I saw Mizz Nina and Tengku Azura around.It was a a great night!

Flower Flow

Hye everyone,its been a while that I havent update my blog.So sorry because you know,apart having a great fabulous life right now,things can get a little bumpy sometimes.Fortunately,I prefer myself to be as an optimistic person,I always try to figure out problems in life in a positive ways.I also learnt that having someone(friend or family)that actually understands your situation is very important so that you can always refer to them before taking any stupid decision that could ruin ur own self. :)

Anyway,ive been having great weekend with my fren,i felt a bit down this whole week.very2 sad,luckily i have my fren here with me.then i can get myself all back together. :)

Monday, May 23, 2011

my twitting twitter is back!

easy breezy morning.
after all the stress of crazy dramas that had been running trough my life this whole week when someone I supposed who like to say Im a problem while he/she's the person who bringing more problem to me called me as 'NO dignity".yup.pathethic.anyway,Im a tough bitch.LOL!who cares since he/she never knew anythng bout my life. :)

Next topic for the day,yes I am finally successfully got access to my so missing password for my Twitter.Huhu.Let us all be happy cuz i'll be twitting like some crazy bitch and prays that the twitter would help me in my plan of selling clothes using my blog.ops!did i just missed that??erm..anyway,ill tell u more about it later.hahha

Here's my twitter, fellows.feel free to follow me.Im so happy to have you guys knowing my latest updates and I could always know what running trough you guy's mind too. :D

Ask me anything

I can go trough it MYSELF!

When you have someone so important for you who always there to bring out the best in you.We start to mention that this person is damn important that we can ever put our life together just because they aren't there.We teach and brainwashed our own thoughts that how dependent we are towards this person/people that we are unconsciously drowned our own best self potential and intentionally telling yourself how weak yourself are.Grown up!Thats what I learnt the whole week,having someone actually to be there sticking for you in times of good and bad well,erm,basically dont mean anything for your life actually.No,Im not saying I am being unappreciated with people who always been there troughout my life.It just that Im taking out the dependant mood into something much more independence.This is the sign of growing out,pursuing something at your own risk without anyone there to gives out a hand.Any helps would be much appreciated but if they refuse to help,I had enough hand to handle my life together.Im a grown up bitch!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

My center zipped white dress!

Its weekend I I really need to do some shopping.and who else can keep me companied other than Fifi??hahahha.again and again and again I love fifi so much.Its not dat i'm not going out with my other friends,its just I always had this all of a sudden plan and Fifi is the one who will always keep up with my 'suddenly' plan!hahah.Anyway,what are we wearing this time??tada!!
Font size

Im wearing a white dress with the zip detailing at the center.Adore the gathers at the front so i look a lil bit slimmer and its create great slimmer ilusion.And of course I adore it because it so sexy and body hugging and short!well the badside is actually the dress is very thin and sheer at the back.If i turn around,I look like areal hooker because my panty and bra is soooo visible.So I match it with my wash out denim coat to avoid its looking trashy yet much more chic!hope u guys like it.anyway,I'm thinking of selling that denim coat..erm...

Bold Italic

Text Color

and what's fifi's wearing that day?she found hereslf a very simple and easy chiffon dress.It comes with white colour but I asked her to buy a grey one.I really love the dress for its simplicity and the button detailing that looks good with effects of the chiffon.U work it very nice Fifie!