Friday, June 17, 2011

The chronicles of the Mulberry's great bags begin....

1.Mulberry Alexa

Look super practical,its the real balance of stylish and lavishly convenient.My colour pick is Blue,eye catching and chic!

Alexa Chung; So far,the most outstanding it-girl to style up the bag.Of course,it was named after her.

2.Mulberry Bayswater

It is sooooo sexy and classy.Like the next version of Hermes Birkin,except im not imagining Victoria Beckham wit it.My pick;cream colour!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

my fav K.Kardash

Well,what else can I say.Despite her gorgeous engagement ring I saw few days ago on E!,this girl really is one of those It girls that catch my heart very well.She channel her sophisticated city girl style in such a most captivating way.Its good to know that New York had a better version of It-Girl compared to Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan.

This is what I called a pretty stylish smart bitch!Im a big fan of her.I like her style.Not much onj the cardigan,but it looks perfectly matched with the gorgeous jeans-and pleaseeeee....I popped my eyes out to see her lime green pump killer heels!K Kardash is amazingly stylish. :)

Love,Iris Iana

Monday, June 13, 2011

model off duty: Julia from Next Agenvy,Ny

Firts,I noticd the shade.theyre cool statement.Second,the blazer.I'll look for dat one later.Im so into blazer,again!

model off duty: Bruna from women agency,NY

love her shirt!shes damn pretty!

calling all my guls

Calling all my guls,Fifie,Myl,Amy Marissa,Tina Reena Gonzales,Syazz,Syura and all my Hot Tamales girlsfriends.If u guys have no other plan than bringin ur guys butt to shop,u shud raise ur hand and agree.Lets spend da weekend with my plan!!!okay tidakkkkk????

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scewed up

This is my latest photoshoot!
It was a great night,posing by the street around ipoh.

Me was wearing a black satin duchess dress with glasses and mirror embelished around the V neckline.It was by a friend,Ean Ebrizal.Sexy and super fit dress.The shoes was by me,it was my last time wearing it becuz it was very2 hurtful putting those on!I hate it soo much!stupid shoes!

I know2,many as like,whos that hot gul beside Iris???Hehe...ladies and gentlemen...may I introduces you to Rounnah Beb.Whooaaawww...shes a massively hot Sabahan girl.Basically, a good friend of mine.She's been doing modelling before.I did ask her actually to do the photoshoot together!I never portrayed myself before with any other model in a photo.So I guess she's the best duet.We have great chemistry since I know her.Anyway,Beb,yes you are super hot and fierce.Thx for the crazy shooting night.Uve done it,superbly!

Beb was wearing my bestfriend designs actually,the peeked shoulder blazer,the skert and those killer heels.Its all by Feque Farhan.An upcoming great designer.Miss you soooooo much!LOL!

From the left,its Rafi,the lighting guy,Feque Farhan,Beb's costume designer,Me,Arm afriend of us and of course,Fahmi Samsudin...the photographer! It was a great photoshoot and a great experience working with all of u guys!mmmuaaaahhhxxx!

When looking again at the photoshoot's pics,it reminds me of Beyonce's latest video,Who Run The World and its remind me of my bestie's quote when he sing the song..."Who run the world???.....NOKS!".Hiks!

With Love and High End Couture Kisses,
Iris Iana

Friday, June 10, 2011

My second acc in facebook.

Stelah agak sibuk dan lme tak bukak facebook acc meks.(tetibe post lam bahsa melayu rojak adek2 kan??!)Pagi ni mak bergegas bukak cbe mlihat apakah perkmbangan terbaru.As alaways hati gembira dan tgn bertepuk mlihat fren request dari kawan2 i ols... So tekan sajoh 'friend request accepted' button tuh.Instead of having them accepted like I always did,I got this message...

"Individual Facebook members can connect to a maximum of 5000 friends and Pages. To add this friend you will need to remove a friend or unlike a Page you are already connected to."

Whoa...I guess i can keep up to 10 000 friends from my account.But i guess itu hanyalah khayalan verangan adek2 sajoh.So then..I came out with my second please...add me trough my second acc okay fellows. ;)

Iris Iana

Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Newly Crowned Bitch is now a Queen!!.

CONGRATULATIONS!!!yes,we're all goes with the same perception everytime looking at the photos of newly crowned Beauty Queen...'yeah,she's pretty but she is empty.' and we might say that it is so cliche that all these high school/college popular girl at last have the chance to gain some bigger popularity.Or maybe,oh,she's the winner,'Miss Bitchiest of all the bitches'...

Yeah,one thing to drop your jaw down and make this girl different from the other beauty peagent's winner is that,the fact,that she is NOT a girl,yes,a transexual.Can i like kill her??? *envy mood ;)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

empowering iris.

*no,no,this is not my look after my 21st birthday celebration.Nope,I didnt received any free tanning coupon from any spa as my birthday present.Im still,erm,white!

someone's told me a few days ago during on a private dinner with him,the way to live you life is to not let others tell the directions of your way.I never takes it seriously until I finally understands what really happen in celebrating my 21st birthday about,erm,a week ago!

Its a super hard transition for me(no,not the part of from being a boy to girl!)Its more likely something I defines as INDEPENDENCY.I have dirts all over my brain when I used to get myself trapped with all so many irrelevant and undefiningly confusing advices that had twisted my personality much during my teen ages.It is something I supposed as regretions but not so seriously taken as I know that it would be such a waste to continue put urself in regrets of mistakes you have done.

Well,its an easy concept,I AM GROWING AND I AM DOING IT MYSELF. :)

We all have the ritght amount of potential to make it ourselves.Not being ultimately arrogant,but I believes wrong or good ways,Ive survived myself so well so far.Its a suprising result,to see myself intensely grow into a lot amount of strength to go trough my new 21 years old life.

TRUST-someone put his concept running trough my naive mind,now I am putting him and his understandings about trust so far away cuz he never understands it actually.Now let me understands it my way.So be it with him,I dont need it.

DEPENDENCY-I cant live without my skinny jeans!WRONG.Receiving some stupid opinions from people that Ive depends so much about how they judge me in a bad way-such as 'NO DIGNITY' apparently shook me to climb the mountain barely with my naked hands.Not on top yet,but I see that I will.And let me kick those assholes away from me.Wont say sorry for my rudeness.

All I can say is.Yes,I am a growing maturedly and independently.I consider it asa great emancipation.Im taking on the responsibilities fully towards myyself and happy to learn from all of the mistakes ive done and maybe will do.Just hope dat this 21st years old bring nme more lights to God,both my parents,prosperity,success and diamonds!Hiks!


the 21st years old Iris Iana...