Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Maintaining My Big Hair Obsession.

BIG HAIR OBSESSION.When we speak about hair styling,i guess for me it is the most essential part of our physical appearance that actually screams your personality.Forget about the clothes,hair is something that you wear all the times and it doesn't require everyday's transformations unless you are Beyonce or Erra Fazira living your life with extraordinaire wigs!

How many of you out there agree with me when I say when you take a good care of your skin,your hair kind of messed up itself,it turns out to be oily,dried,frizzy and broken at it end?.Trust me,even for myself I have no solution of answers for that! My skin is basically very sensitive,I have pimples and scars that took forever to dissapear but thankfully,I have quite an easy manageable hair.I have a naturally wavy hair and it does took hours to be straightened.

So recently I went to the saloon and give myself a bit of a transformation to my hair by cutting my fringe or bangs!I still stick to my intention for not colouring my hair because I prefer it to be healthy as I intended to grow it longer and longer by times.Yes,the best way to grow your hair is to stop colouring it,dont do rebonding treatment to it and basically minimize the use of chemical substances to it.

How to pick the best hairstyle?

1.Practicality.It seems like clothes too,pick the one that actually bring comforts to you.Choose a trendy hairstyles that easy for you to style them with using less hair gel,spray,wax or what so ever.Don't have to be late for work just because you cant get you hair curled the way you want it to be!

2.Know your hair textures.The texture of my hair is actually thin and fragile.And to add to it,I have a very oily scalp,so it always weighed down my hair making it looks flat.Since I do love big hair so much,my hairstylist loved to layers up my hair so it will give it more volume especially at the back.So my dear dolls,check your hair texture,is it thick,thin or curly.Ask your hairstylist what should go nice with your hairstyle and start your research.

3.Hair Products.For me,its crucially important to treat my hair like a princess.I did lots of curling and ironing though,so I have to nourished it with the best nutrients and treatments.I haven't colored my hair for a year actually and I use a good range of product specially made for oily hair like mine!

So far,Ive been using these product from Loreal for 3 years,I've been in love with it.Especially the Nutri Gloss hair serum spray and the Total Repair Hair Mask.Trust me,you don't have to wash your hair in the saloon every time you use them!

I wish i did help you dolls out there in practising good way to keep your hair sexily styled and healthy.Do drop me any question to my email if you want me to post about anything related to hair care regime and so on.



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