Saturday, May 18, 2013

Sex Abuse Against Child: Proactive Awareness.

As I spent my whole off-working day treating my flu,I was watching a movie, "The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo",it was a remarkable story about a journalist looking for a missing woman for 40 years.Now,not just the fact that it was Daniel Craig who played as the main character that attracts me the most but theres one side of the issue in the movie that touches me so well,Sex Abuse.A very intelligent girl named Lisbeth in the movie was actually became a girl with personality disordered with some problems related to sex and drug abuse because she was actually been sexually abused by her father that led her to burn her father alive when she was 12.Folks said,there wouldn't be a movie if there wasn't a real story,so I believe that Sex Abuse had become a very common things for us,Malaysians to see it in the newspaper especially when it happened to children. Terribly traumatic and lead to complex causes,it is believed that only 10 percent from the total sex abuse cases are reported due to the victim's family prefer to remain silent in avoiding being ashamed and alienated by the community.This result to tremendous traumatise experience to the victims especially when it happened to a young child that will chased by the nightmare during their whole process of growing.Imagine,in 2009 alone it was reported that there are 313 cases related to chlid's sex abuse happened in a month in Malaysia which brought to 2193 cases in the year alone.Looking at the bright side, even tough the report rises as the year goes by,its actually a good positive sign as the police believe that the community had actually reached the awareness to report on such cases to protect the innocence.Before I continue any further,Child Sex Abuse is actually defined as any sexual act with a child performed by an adult or an older child."  Child sexual abuse could include a number of acts, including but not limited to: 

  • Sexual touching of any part of the body, clothed or unclothed;
  • Penetrative sex, including penetration of the mouth;
  • Encouraging a child to engage in sexual activity, including masturbation;
  • Intentionally engaging in sexual activity in front of a child;
  • Showing children pornography, or using children to create pornography;
  • Encouraging a child to engage in prostitution.
Looking at this matter,I believe that it is not just to the parents that should shouldered the responsibility but its actually to everyone, the whole community should gain the awareness of what should they do to protect the younger generation.Above all the problems that could lead to a disastrous life of a child,I view that Sex Abuse is the most terrible of all.Do the least we can and I am trying to spread this awareness.If you ever happen to deal with this type of situation where a child tells you about they are being sexually harrased then you must know how to;

Be calm.A child may misinterpret your anger at the abuse as disgust for him/her. Staying calm will also help him/her regain his/her dignity, which is often the first to go. Assurances like, “Other children have had similar experiences,” or “Let’s see what we can do,” could encourage the child to open up more.

Be supportive.Talking about the abuse can be as traumatic as the abuse itself. Adults must give the child as much support as possible, especially when the child begins to open up. Reassure the child that you’ll be there for as long as it takes, and that you’ll go through it together.Report the abuseThis is one way to stop the abuse. Moreover, everybody is mandated to report all confirmed or suspected cases of abuse within 48 hours.

Believe.Children rarely invent stories. They hesitate telling because they fear nobody will believe them. Believing a child is a major step in helping him/her overcome the trauma. Statements like “I believe you” or “It’s not your fault” will help the healing.

Be affirming.Abused children are often confused about their feelings, as a result of manipulation by their abusers. They must be allowed and encouraged to say what they feel. And their feelings must be taken seriously and affirmed. “I know this isn’t easy,” and “You’re very brave to be opening up,” convey empathy, concern and support a child’s need.Prepare the child for what will happen nextAbused children feel helpless. They need to know that there are people who can help. They must also be told what they could do, i.e. how to relate the incident, whom to tell, and what support is needed.


She threatened to kill herself at school.
Judy is a ten-year-old girl who was referred toFor The Child's Mental Health Program because she locked herself in a bathroom stall at school and threatened to kill herself. Judy has lived in more than twenty foster homes and has been admitted to psychiatric hospitals several times for treatment of depression.
Judy was physically and sexually abused by her stepfather from the time she was a toddler until early elementary school age.
Many of her previous foster placements failed because the foster families could not handle the severity of her mental health problems. Although Judy has many challenges in her life, she has shown definite improvement during her treatment at For The Child. She uses her therapy time well to learn ways of coping with difficult memories and emotions. She was very touched at Christmas by the special gifts she received from For The Child donors, including a beautiful coat and a hand carved wood jewelry box. The best gift of all was sharing Christmas with a supportive foster family.

Have you seen my kitten
Brothers, aged 6 and 3, were playing outside when they agreed to help their neighbor search his apartment for the kitten.
Tom was a friend to all of the children in the apartment complex. He was also a registered sex offender, but no one knew. Sammy and Tommy were lured to his apartment with the kitten story, sexually assaulted and tied up. An intense search for the boys by law enforcement and neighbors saved their lives.

I believe that we can be proactive and its not an issue to have this kind of awareness.People should know and learn the least about this.Thank you. :)

Friday, May 17, 2013

Miss World Universe 2013: The Crown for The Most Deserving Shemale.

Kali terakhir berada di pertandingan ini adalah ketika usia saya baru menginjak ke 18 tahun.Satu kenangan yang banyak pengalaman kelakar untuk diingati.Saya kembali ke satu lagi pertandingan ratu cantik yang cukup dikenali di kalangan 'akak-akak' aka Shemale di Malaysia,kali ini saya cuma pergi menyokong dan menyaksikan bukanlah sebagai salah satu peserta.

Saya secara last minutenya membuat keputusan untuk pergi menyokong kawan/senior/mak ayam/dolls/sister (segala mak nenek slash lah kan) Syz Anna: Miss Kazakhstan 2013.

Syz in her National Costume.Eyes on the costume not the boobies,boys!

Like seriously,during my study times I have so many issues and I will get to Syz for some piece of advices and I still do seek them from her.Must say,she's a smart girl with an attitude,she got her own personality and it just blend in nicely with me.Feels much comfort when I am around her.

Kami sokong Kazakhstan! These are my old friends who came to support Syz.From Right,Tina,Amir Mata'ab aka Panda(hope i spell betul), Azmyl(Mell),me and Amy Marissa.Ini semua kawan lama sejak dari zaman kolej,especially to Marissa,one of my earliest friends masa belajar,cant believe dia sangat-sangat cantik sekarang yet im happy dia tetap sama sangat sopan dan merendah diri seperti dulu.That's the way a smart girl should act,classy! :) FYI,Evening Dress maut Syz direka dan dihasilkan oleh Tina dan untuk National Costume hasil rekaan Mell.Very talented and amazing,contact them kalau nak tempah baju raya okayh!

Sejujurnya,saya sendiri belum pernah tengok shemale atau transgender secantik ini.She is soooooo pretty yang kalau u ols tengok maka akan terbongkar lah segala rasa cemburu dan kekaguman u ols apatah lagi dia seorang yang sangat sopan dan lemah lembut!Even Tasha Shila ada malam itu,must say her beauty distracted those real girls!Tak dapat nak korek cerita dia dalam sangat cuz dia ni tak pandai sgt cakap Bahasa Inggeris.


Please,jangan komen apa-apa pasal outfit saya,ye saya akui sepanjang majlis-majlis yang saya pernah pergi,ini adalah outfit paling hodoh saya pernah pakai.Like I said,it was last minute,saya pakai apa yang ada sahaja.Memang luar citarasa saya,but dolls,let us be positive,still i'm a human and never forget Fashion is all about experimenting,Ada kalanya eksperimen menjadi dan adakalanya tidak.At least,saya jadi lebih arif tentang proportion selepas ini.Just carrying myself the way I am,itu penting!Hiks!

Seperti mana-mana pertandingan ratu cantik,anda pasti ada peserta kegemaran sendiri dan inilah dia pesrta kegemaran saya.Miss Brazil,1st Runner Up Miss World Universe 2013.Orangnya tinggi lampai berwajah pan asian.Cantiknya dia tak perlu nak dihurai panjang sangat lah kan.Tapi kenapa saya suka dia?

1.This is what I called a beauty queen,dia ada 'grace' dia tersendiri.Cara pembawakan dirinya teratur dan lembut.

2.Dia kurang fasih berbahasa Inggeris tetapi keyakinannya sangat tinggi,bila diajukan apa sahaja soalan dia tahu apa yang perlu dijawab walaupun beberapa kali dipermainkan pengacara majlis.

3.Rendah diri,saya perhatikan,bila tiba masa dia menerima mahkota,dia satu-satunya peserta yang akan menundukkan kepala tanpa perlu diminta.Selesai menerima mahkota dan selempang,dia akan tunggu penyampai hadiah turun dulu baru dia ke belakang dengan perlahan.Di depan juri,dia yakin tapi pasti akan menganggukkan kepala tanda terima kasihnya pd semua.

4. Pintar memberi jawapan,mungkin sebab dia sudah dilatih dan banyak pengalaman masuk pelbagai pertandingan di negara asalnya,jawapannya ketika QA session berlangsung kebanyakkan bersifat menyeluruh untuk semua.Pendapat yang dikeluarkan sangat positif dan setiap ideanya menggambarkan dirinya yang bijak.

Saya secara peribadi bangga dengan Syz malam itu kerana dia nampak sangat relaks,tidak terlalu gementar dan bersahaja di atas pentas.Dia nampak enjoy pada malam itu dan cuba menikmati masa berposing menayang kecantikan atas pentas,itu yang mungkin menarik perhatian ramai dan menempatkan dia di dalam top 10.Mungkin agak gementar ketika QA session tapi girl,i get your idea in the whole answer and I am suprised!Sememangnya soalan untuk Syz agak susah. 

"What is the benefit people can get from War?"

War means Destruction that don't belong to the definition of benefit,but people must try to view it positively in improving their coming generations and country's future.Learn from old mistakes,itulah yang cuba ditafsirkan oleh Syz dan saya tak sangka dia boleh beri jawapan bernas walaupun dalam keadaan agak gementar.Idea itu saya kira sudah cukup konkrit cuma penyampaiannya agak kaburt.Its not easy,but she did it with pride.

This is one of the best pageant for shemales that i have seen,the winners are deserving. Penat juga melihat akak-akak berbuah dada padat memperagakan baju dress sarat bermanik tetapi belum cukup panjang akal nak bergelar 'Ratu'.But this time,its quite satisfying awalaupun ada juga beberapa pemenang saya kategorikan bimbo terlepas dapat pegang takhta walaupun IQ nya sadis.

Bertemu Sajat,Ayu Siti dan beberapa mak ayam was like an inspiration!Itu yang saya suka pergi ke majlis sebegini.Hope to see you soon on Instagram next month my darling readers!Hiks!