Monday, February 28, 2011


*Between Reigning Beauty and Moving Age.
my latest photoshoots.wait for more!

*some people just cant take their metaphormosis and work hard to overcomes this(above pic of me)

Remember how da world evolves from ice age to the reign time of dinasours.Remember how the seasons change from the beloved growing petals into cool calm winter?It is nature's metaphormosis,they exist without forcements.
As like fashion and trends,me,myself are evolving too.As now I am putting my own self in a transition process.I'm depressed with mistakes and I'm proud with success.Yet,I try hard to give out my best conclusion.
I dont need any words from anybody tries to tell me how bad I am or how much I need to change the negative sides of me.Like I always did after all these 20 years,I learnt it myself by the help of people that I love.
Treat me like a human,despite the facts that I am 'different' from anyone else.I still need my own spacious room to grow myself without being afraid to take risks.
I am myself have growing up hearing criticism how bad and negative it is being myself.And once upon a time,I was afraid of myself and never realize any potential that I have.Until,I know what is self-confidence and I learnt that people who always put judgments on me wasn't always right then I am the newborn rebellious queen.I am too proud being me that I always thought that there is nothing wrong hearing my own voice and following my own mentality.I tend to ignore the surroundings unless they satisfy my needs.
Look at me,I am growing.I try hard to take responsibilities on my cause of actions.I believe in myself and always look forward to fix myself.I know that I am not a good person yet I am trying har avoiding being a bad one.I'm also a firm believer that this METAPHOMOSIS process never fade until the end of my life.I will keep on going trough stages.All I want is to everyone who always wait for the moment to force and controlling my mind please move aside.I am Iris Iana,I am always learning to know myself and I believe god will always be with me.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

add some extra pounds on that butt!

diet juice by Dr.Rozmey?DINCH! A walnut for breakfast macam filem Devil Wears Prada??DINCH!! mangkuk toilet after dinner???euurgghhh!!DINCH!!
Ladies,stop all ur disastrous diet n take off dat skinny Kate Moss no-butt figure from ur mind.Its time to flaunt ur heavenly voluptous figure!
*we all hate her for dat skinny figure!kate moss

*the rare species,exotic yet classic dat amazed me for so many years,Shalom Harlow.

*collection of the best black african supermodels of all times

U think they look hot so u try hard to look skinny.I have girls sending messages to me askin for diet tips.Me myself had enuff wit all those crazy diet tips i collected and some that I had practised!ops!So u ols...instead of workin hard to get sumthng u WONT or dont have YET!kenzz??why dont u ols love what u have now!Berdosakah memiliki badan yg montok berisi berbanding kurus dan kering??stop merungut,"I susah plih baju cuz punggung i besar!"make ur brain n fashion sense work as big as ur butt,u moron!hahhaha...matilar post kali ni perkataan carot readers meks sendiri!

Sentap i,setiapkali dgr kawan2 merungut,i takot nak bergaya because badan i berisi...peha i besar...i tak mmpu pkai skinny...bahu i lebar...i tak blh pkai tee halus..ops!Stop whining.Fashion is too wide to be explored.Trends comes and go but style never fade,gituh katanyer dipetik dari mak ayam mendiang Yves Saint Laurent...its a good thing u noe badan u tak perfek,pnggung u bsar...peha u gedempol but then,learn how to improvise!There are so many choices in fashion,u need to learn n experiments to have the best choices of clothing accordingly to ur body type!Besides,say goodbye to model figure!cuz now its a trend for voluptous lady!

and who can do it better than this ultimate diva,Beyonce???
she's been adoring her super voluptous figure and we can see it in each of her performance!watch I am..yours world tour!miss sasha fierce is best known for makin us proud to be fat!hahah

Be happy with ur curves.U know it wont stop u from being fashionable!Look at beyonce she treats her body nicely and make them fit while she knew she can never have dat skinny frame!

WORDS and TIPS for curly lady to be fashionable:

1.Do not wear skinny jeans!the name says it all....SKINNY jeans are only made for SKINNY people..if u do have that extra large ass,avoid them!not being discriminative,pls,no offences!look at this!

i hate to see my readers end up lookin like tis!

Its important to look for a nice pants especially when it comes to jeans.
Da best one is yang tak push lelemak u ols terkeluar dr pinggang ataupun yg tak terlondeh mnampakkan lurah n kerak2 punggung u ols ble bjalan...cari poket yg terletak btol kat paras punggung atau tinggi sedikit,bukan yg jatoh utk elak dr nampak cam punggung menggeleber.look for easy colour cam itam or biru glap yg plain atau ada crunch2 cam lusuh SEDIKIT.a jeans must be simple without any extra embelishments cam bling2,corak bunga2 atau terlalu banyak kesan kedut2.dats too bohsia rempit!euurghhh!

2.tolonglah jangan pkai maxi dress atau skirt labuh kembang berbunga2!!!!

well,ladies it doesnt mean u ols berisi u ols tak blh pkai floral prints n just u need to twist fashion alil bit and pklay with da proportions...

study this look.she knew that the prints of the dress will only accentuate her big frame,so this girl took a very nice knitted cardigan and belt to tone down the attention from the dress.Secondly,she minimalise down the floral style,by putting on those black tights.Now,this is playing with proportion.Wit dat,she doesnt look like 'kereta berhias hari merdeka'!

Nak rujukan lagi.Cuba siasat lagi gaya dan cara pemakaian this voluptous celebs..u ols akan paham mcm mane nak bermain dgn proportion tbuh dan pakaian..

Shorts that Work | Style | Lifestyle | BET.

Dress for your body shape - Denver Fashion | Examiner.

Jennifer Hudson,u ols...she does really inspires me.She dont work hard to change herself to be in the list of 'great fashion icon'.She dont need that skinny looks to put herself in Valentino dresses while on the red carpet.And I can see that she had no intimidated feelings everytimes she is besides Beyonce,been photographed by swarms of paparazzi.

She is the ideal icon of voluptous woman.She press that women have choices in fashion regardless their body shapes.Its all about u,how u choose urself to look.Be comfortable and understands ur body shape to accentuate them.

Fashion is not a cruel world to let only skinny women look beautiful.Its a wide world that demands u to explore and have fun with it.Its okay to be fat or or I can say,curvy,what is all that matter is u keep urself fit and healthy.Dont push urself to starve just because u saw Keira Knightly's in Ocsar's.

I am myself are fat too! waist are gettin bigger and butt is makin its way to be fat...i have a big shoulder frame...not all dresses are goin to fit on me and I have chiken wigns under my arm.I used to be stressed out and I'm always insecures with the facts that my body is not perfect.But anyway,who I have to blame while at the same time I have a deep interest in fashion and dressing up!so what we all need to do now is to appreciate our body and keep healthy while working our fashion sense to the max!!!Ladies....put ur freakum dress on!!!dont forget to watch Beyonce I am..yours tour concert!it will boost ur confidence and remember,beauty is all about self-confident!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

My oldie great times nh super bitch classmates!

U ols reader2 ksayangan kali nih dicelah bedah kan gambar2 meks bersama classmates puaka meks yg disayangi...gamabr diaambil lme dahulu..ble meks belek fb feque farhan..ko OLLLWWEEYYSSS kan masukkan gambar mek yg non hado muka sembap ala2 rosnah mat aris bagun tdo n rambot cilabek meks dolu tuh...gtoolah nak jatohkan i ols!hahha...

So kpd u wonder lah gambar meks tu berambut pndek n mkap cam pantatitas cuz sume gambar2 lame kenz!however pon...great memories are valuable than meks ktepikan isu gambar2 hanjings meks tuh krn memori bersama classmate meks lbh indah!gittieeww...matilar manis mulut plis!no question about my no make-up look n bad hair-do to occay! camera!

Bersama FF,Feque Farhan

Ni lah manusia yg ske mencaraz jatohkan meks dgn mletakkan gambar2 puaka meks lam fb...tgk gambar u get wut i mean kan??

i like gambar trang mengurang jelaskan wajah meks yg cam ala2 citer emily rose ble tak pkai mkap tu??puas ati ko fiq???

Oopssiieezzz...ampun kan meks krn bwajah seperti placor chu ols...i was damn exhausted mase ni!mse competition bioe tech yg GRAND katanyer dgn khadiran juri2 profesial..i rase cam masuk 'project runawayas' u ols!maklumlah uat kat uni ade kna ngena ngan fashion competition.Dok lam dwan kuliah then model catwalk..ko mampoo??i still tak phm!

No,no,mak tak cur mase ni..n kat sebelah kanan ujung tu bukan mak ayam i even dia ber hotpant sperti i...n yg i feeling manje sandar bahu kat dia tu bukan jantan mak kutip kat tasik u ols!ops!itu sume classmate meks mse trip ke Melaka...enuuff said!

I know,i pnh pkai baju yg sme lam post sebelumnye..xpyh carot lah antara kawan2 department meks mse induction smester 4!
To all my classmates.I am grateful to be wit u guys even i slalu uat kje sndri(uat kje kerw??)dari mse mule2 part 2 smpy part 5 i've experienced lotsa great times wit u guys.i love u guys so much.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

bleh ajr saya cmne nk besarkn tetek?

hahahhahahaha....get a plastic surgeon then!

Ask me anything

what happen till you called the worst date ever ?

he pay too much attention on my boobs like I'm not even there!

Ask me anything

What is your true name ? If you dont mind ;)

Iris Rayna Abas. :)

Ask me anything

mcm mane nak buat smokey eyes.....coz iris buat smokey eyes sgt cantik...n kalau muke kite bulat mcm mane nak make up untuk jadikan kecik sikit.....boleh tolong ajarkan x......

1st,kna tau ape bntuk mta u.dont overdone it and go 4 natural colours like brown,dark brown,gold and abit of black eyeshadows.Used dark liquid eyeliner too. :)

Ask me anything

the embarrassing thing that happen to you in the public ?

hahhaha... a lot!i'm always on the rush and forget thngs n i sumtimes wore my cardigan or shirt inside out and I once went to classes wearing sandals in different colors!and everyone was like laughing.worst thng,I have to wear the sandals back to my room and look for the right one!hiks!

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Its the ROLLING SUNDELS!not rolling stones occay!

Dari facebook pada suatu hari...

Keemara Everett Bouszyinsky....(plis jgn mrh kalo meks salah taip nama ko,meks tataw pasaipa meks still cek lembps nak taip nama u ols tuh!meks jarang dapat kawan berbangsa czech republic cam u ols!)
Darl,u have inspired me to write a post tonite...gituh!

Oh...keem....kaulah inspirasi aku...ko dah selamatkan otak aku yg blur ni dr trus blur utk uat post mlm,tonite,u are like my angel....

*no,no,no,darling...if ure an angel..u bukan angel yg cam muka innocent pganng baby cam dlm bible tuh,u ols da vogue type...

*ko mampu angel ber-shade Fendi dgn senyuman Miss Universe???ko belek mane2 kitab pon,non hado angel ginih...its only one,my one and only...Keemara Bouszynskie....

matilar keem kjar meks ala2 kanibal balik perak ni nak penggal kepale mek!tolong chu ols!erk!

ENUFF wit ngarot2..back to da real story(real lah?)
ok2...wat if i ols,loreanza loreal,myl k n keem form a group of rock band..well,erm...blom meks tpkikir.slalu meks byg kalo ada groupies meks nak feeling2 cam spice gul(ah!gtoolah adek2)haha..

Tp since keem dah membawa imaginasi baru kpd meks,mungkinkah begini rupa we ols sume kalo jadi rockstar???

So kre camni oklar kan...ko mampu loreal pkai baju nampak pusat???mrasalar myl.k berskirt mnarik perhatian abang2 indie..tetap kan chu ols!

Tapi,itu imaginasi meks larr kan...wut bout kalo da real nyerww...we ols sume look like tis???
MATILAAARRRR......skali lagi Loreal bg kejutan...bdn ketak2...very da taw!Randy Blue sangeettss...mak sayang ko Loreal!But kim tetap nak vogue...mrasa kau... Inieeyyy dinamakanROLLING SUNDELS!!

ampun maaf kepada kakak2 meks tersayang krn mggunakan gambar u ols tanpa bayaran pndahuluan royalti..sila jangan hubungi lawyer anda...nanti meks settlekan dgn bersama2 menjala anak ikan di lautan Bidara..ops!

Sayang kalian sumewww...mmmuuahhhx!