Monday, February 28, 2011


*Between Reigning Beauty and Moving Age.
my latest photoshoots.wait for more!

*some people just cant take their metaphormosis and work hard to overcomes this(above pic of me)

Remember how da world evolves from ice age to the reign time of dinasours.Remember how the seasons change from the beloved growing petals into cool calm winter?It is nature's metaphormosis,they exist without forcements.
As like fashion and trends,me,myself are evolving too.As now I am putting my own self in a transition process.I'm depressed with mistakes and I'm proud with success.Yet,I try hard to give out my best conclusion.
I dont need any words from anybody tries to tell me how bad I am or how much I need to change the negative sides of me.Like I always did after all these 20 years,I learnt it myself by the help of people that I love.
Treat me like a human,despite the facts that I am 'different' from anyone else.I still need my own spacious room to grow myself without being afraid to take risks.
I am myself have growing up hearing criticism how bad and negative it is being myself.And once upon a time,I was afraid of myself and never realize any potential that I have.Until,I know what is self-confidence and I learnt that people who always put judgments on me wasn't always right then I am the newborn rebellious queen.I am too proud being me that I always thought that there is nothing wrong hearing my own voice and following my own mentality.I tend to ignore the surroundings unless they satisfy my needs.
Look at me,I am growing.I try hard to take responsibilities on my cause of actions.I believe in myself and always look forward to fix myself.I know that I am not a good person yet I am trying har avoiding being a bad one.I'm also a firm believer that this METAPHOMOSIS process never fade until the end of my life.I will keep on going trough stages.All I want is to everyone who always wait for the moment to force and controlling my mind please move aside.I am Iris Iana,I am always learning to know myself and I believe god will always be with me.

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