Friday, April 15, 2011

Beauty Inside Pain

This is my latest released photo shoot with the theme 'Beauty Inside Pain'

Photographer: Fahmi Samsudin
Make-up artist: Bobby Brown
Hair by: Bobby Brown
Dress by: Iris Iana

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Obsession to beauty is the message in this photo.Now I would like to have few words about achieving the dreamt beauty...

How far would a person go to hurt himself in order to gain the high confident level?Does really needles and surgeon are the essential in reaching the goddess beauty nowadays?
I used to meet and see people who would dare to put their selves at risk in manipulating beauty and looks.I must say that some of the result does impress my view but most of them are not.I am not going to say that I am not a person who wouldn't agree in the effectiveness of cosmeetic surgery,yet I haven't ever confirm that I would refuses to have it myself either to confirm that I would go trough it.There are pros and contras about it and it is truly up on an individual perspectives to evaluate the causes and effects of the procedure.
Ive made myself some researches and here are some of the instant beauty procedure that had taken my interest .It just attracts me a lot since I heard lots of pros and contras about it.

1.Vitamin C injection:
Need I have to say more?It is already something common to most of people.We've been understands that it is the most common way of getting flawless skin that comes with less effects.Starts with the price of rm200 for 6 ampoules.It does takes a little time.But I guess,it does very effective. ;)

What is Botox??
Known as one of the most powerful neurotoxin,botox was actually aprotein that are produced by somekind of a bacteria which are usually used for preserving food.But in terms of cosmetic,it can help to paralysed the muscle and can cause less wrinkles on face.Itslike iwt would preserve your face and skin,if you're using it at the age of 30 until you stop when you are 40,then your skin will be preserved for 10 years.,Amazing?Not sure if i would try it since I am still so young okay!

3.Cheek Augmentation
Using fats and Body Glue and will be injected on the cheek area to give a full and plumpy cheek. Other options injectable fillers such as Sculptra and Radiesse and the new hyaluronics

Fat is an excellent choice as a filler material for facial rejuvenation for four main reasons:

1. It originates from a patient’s own body and there is little or no chance of infection;
2. It can be harvested from multiple sites and stored for future use;
3. It is easily injected back and provides a natural look, and
4. New advances in harvesting and transferring fat have contributed to its long-term success including centrifuging it to reduce fluid in the transplanted fat and combining it with Body Glue to give it a better take.

4.Laser Scar Treatment

Pimples treatment and pimples scar removal include lasers, chemical peels and physician grade topical skin care products. Pimples removal laser treatments are relatively painless, have no down time, and are should only be administered by experienced medical staff.

Lasers are first used for pimples kill bacteria that cause active pimples lesions. In the second phase, the sebaceous glands are shrunk. This causes the glands to produce less oil, preventing future pimples outbreaks. Laser pimples treatments usually last between fifteen minutes and one hour. There is no pain or down time for this procedure.

Pimples scar removal is treated in much the same way as fine line and wrinkle removal. Lasers promote new collagen growth, filling scars from the inside out. Brown and red discoloration left from acne scars are removed using treatments similar to the removal of pigmented lesions and vascular lesions.

Giving all ogf these infos about the cosmetic surgery procedures that attracts me doesnt mean that I am intentionally try to convince all of you people out there to try out these things.For me beauty is about achieving the self comfort and confident,it is far from reaching the perfectness that we always dreamt of.Fill your needs not your greeds because you know that it can never be satisfy.

Before you've made the decision of getting trough all of these procedures,make sure you are consulted by an experts.Someone who are fully knowledgeable and profesionals.Undergoes your own research about it.Ask yourselfw hat you really want to by taking the risk.How far you love your own skin before you could hurt yourself by going trough the whole process.Are you really ready for the consequences?

I might not be the perfect beauty myself,and to be true,I havent gone trough any of the procedures to fix or change any of my physical structures of my natural face.I am not saying it because I refuse to have them,but my mental view about beauty is still not changing and I'm holding tight by not to reach the perfectness but to reach the real self comfort and confident.


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  2. Woww...thats a very intresting infos to all of my readers and me.TQ so much.Ive red ur blog.Theyre super informative. :)