Saturday, March 14, 2009

and so my profile...

do call me iris or eri...any of those names refer to dis highly single bitch!hiks! I am 18...n im goin 19 tis may.Still studying.I'm the last one from 7 siblings.5foot 7" tall...53kg weight..and bla...bla...bla...once an aneroxic n now am a fat tank!
Nuff sayin bout me...kepada u ols...hadek2...akak2...n abg2 taste sekelian yg membuka mata mnghadap blog ini...I'd like to say welcum..basically,tis blog will mostly talk bout fashions..i mean REAL fashion.cuz i'm a style diva!fashion is my the only thing i berselera nak cakap dalam blog abaout FASHION k! However pown u ols...tak semestinya fashionista atau korang2 yg berangan nk berfesyen jewh blh check into tis hawt blog!i mean..ia nyerw sgt umum kpd semmmmmuuuuuaaaaa!I'm a friendly person,so i'd be glad to share my blog to everyone who r interested..TQ ;)

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