Friday, April 17, 2009

Friends that shouldn't be ur friends...

Dat's babi pukimak anjeng siyaaalllllll sagettt!relax iris....maaf yerw...dah lame nak menaip blog,rney mek jd gler jap...yes,tosday,am goin to talk bout friends!no, not goin to talk bout how to find a friends or tell u another websites other than friendster.mek are taklin bout stupid people who u've mistaken to call 'em as friends!
People i called friends:1-for god sake,they noe wut myself really are
2-we both feel comfortable to each other
3-always keep on being positive around u
4-can be trust even u tell em bout the darkest secret of urs
5-we both enjoy makin each other happy.
6-accept ur mistakes n together help to improve urself.
7-never judge u for sumthin u've done.
8-noe how to talk n keepin gud conversations wit u
9-u noe that they luv u for wut u are
10-u missed them whenever they're not around!

But,wut if none of these characteristics doesn't have in a person's u called friends???well,think might be the right time to's not bff anymore...
Sounds terrible isn't it???tapi cmanew kalo org yg u ols pggey kwn memiliki ciri2 yg beerlawanan dgn sume di atas???? STUPID!knockeed them off ur life..
tis peeps helps to craete bad n negatives aura to ur life!they're not friends,they's stupid fuggly whore...kick em n u'll sure be happier...
Dat's wut happen to me...a person(cant mention the name cuz it's makin my breast felt total loya)i called frens,was totally jerk...he talk bad bout me...judging me...n CANNOT BE TRUSTED!!it's all happen becuz of one stupid killer heels...he's talkin bad behind me bout the price of my shoes.So,i asked wut's up wit my heels???he didn't say much instead keep on talkin bad n insulting me n my family....dat's's over.
It's hurt- alot!trust me... a friend who used to share everything wit me since i was 16...i told him everything bout my stories....but then,it's all ruin.I never thoughts bad words can came out from his mouth n SMS's.Things like "pergi mamposlah kauw!" hurt me...especially when he did talk bout my parent...I did cry-obviously!but,'s IrIS IANA..
I get up n get to think.does tis kind of person should be called friends??B.B.B(bye-bye bitch)is da words...he's juz another stupid terrible whore who mistakenlly steppin to my life..i should avoid tis person.I dun reply his messages nor see him anymore.I'm happy wit my life n yep it's feels good to get rid of those germs.gud bye sucker!

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