Sunday, July 3, 2011

story of a younger pic.

Have u ever browse ur pics around and found sumthng so funny like ur old pics?I found my very old pics(not so old la!about 3 years ago...when i was about 17 years ol.Its an old pic when i joined a beauty peagent in KL.)I was all so excited to be on the stage and to parade my legs with those 'Bobby's self made' pario...I bought it in a fabric store in front of my house a few days before I went to the competition's day.Didnt win anything,yet Im so happy to be the youngest contestant who just passed my SPM !hahhahahahha

Yeah...I know..damn i look different here.Wit da big hair...thick make-up...big eyelashes..and yup...very skinny frame.I am 17 in this picture.I am only about 52kg!gosh..I still cant believe I have dat figure not long ago.

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