Saturday, October 15, 2011

jump and travel to memories

last week,i was bac in Perak attending my batch's fashion was on monday that i have to lie to my manager that I was sick while I was running in heels for the show.hiks!

it was such a great proud of all my batchmate for their high commitments.later on i'll post sum of their great designs and creations.For this post,i just wanna tell how i feel so good to meet my friends,juniors and also lecturers.i was overwhelmed when everybody seemed so excited to see me.even the people that i never knew in the campus,but they still seem so excited to meet and get to say hi!

I really want to meet Puan Aniah,my lecturer.the one that always makes me feel challenged yet her motherly treats makes me so comfortable with her.and of course,Puan Rohana,i cant stand my tears because i do n really2 miss her!

this picture was taken 2 years ago...from left,farahana ibrahim,iris iana n putri nor atiqah.

and now...i pressnt u.still together and still in love with each other~!


with my junior

with aliff n amer.huhu.thx gelak for the snapshot.plg best,mse iris baru msk uitm,aliff dtg blik iris lpak2 pastu uat lwak bdo.yg penting dia sgt best!alif ni slalu dtg blik iris pastu mtk tlg uat sketch drawing dia cuz lukisan dia terlalu abstrak n lecturer sgt susah nak phm....kirenye,dr mse mule2 msk kampus,aliff ni antara first kwn yg iris knal n smpy dia dah slalu tgk muka iris iana terbongkang tdo lam blik,baru bgun tdo!hahahahhahahahaha

with tiara,ika n anas.
hehe...tiara mse iris part 2 dia slalu jd kwn iris kalo uat assignment.dia ni cam baek2 n pending sket,tp ttp vogue n kitorg sme2 ske mkap tebal.skg dia dah komen yg tu!hahha.. yg tgh tu model,ika,dia ni sekampung ngan ceq kat jitra so dr part 1 kitorg slalu g klas sme2 n kalo blj kedah kitorg slalu lpak sme2.plg kanan ekali,da queen,anas siriano...dari mse zaman2 jd junior anas lah plh kecoh lam klas.kitorg ske bkepit bdua lam klas,tak dgr lctrer ajar,mlas g klas pastu kitor slalu sme2 kna marah dgn lectrer...however i still love him!all these peeps r so special to me!

my whole batchmate ;") (tears rolling,i miss em!)

anyway tis is my new hair!my new extensions actually!hahahahha ;P

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  1. gitieww lah wat extension xajak meks sekali..hanj ek.....