Sunday, September 23, 2012

flow and dazzle at Jep&Jay fashion show.

White dress are always in my heart.Iris memang peminat nombor satu white dress.Ini adalah salah satu dress putih kesukaan Iris yang dipakai masa sokong my very beloved two dolls Jefri Mansor and Jay Roslan untuk pertandingan fashion design di Bukit Bintang.Gurls,white dress is a MUST have items in your wardrobe.Bukan satu dosa memiliki lebih dari satu,so have fun playing mix and match with it!

 Thats from left the designer Jay Roslan,Myl(the model) with the very beautiful design!and Jep Mansor and Me!
 My honey doll,Fafa. 
 Great thing about this dress is the beautiful dazzling sequins detailing on the shoulder. And of course,saya memang penggemar dress kain chiffon tambah dgn potongan flowy yang tidak terlalu melekap pada badan.Selesa dan Seksi! :)
 Me and Jep.
 Me and Myl.

 Congratulation to Jefri Mansor and Jay Roslan for winning the competition!YEAY! It was a great fashion event with so many upcoming designers.And trust me seeing Myl striking her pose with that dress was a memorable experience! Sorry for not able to come at your previous competition on September because I have to work.I wish all the best to both Jay and Jep in expanding their talents and career,wish to see more of you guys outstanding designs.Me love both of you so much. 
Iris Iana.

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