Friday, February 8, 2013

Islamic Fashion Festival 2012.

Mintak maaf kerana baru post gambar2 ni,oh betapa teruknya Iris sebagai blogger.Ampun jujung extension sampai junung cutex kaki,Iris selalu terlupa and terskip ni.Btw,enjoy: ;)

On 9th November,I was so happy to be invited by both very nice lady Datin Firdaus which I also call Aunty Firdaus and her very beloved sister, Dato Zainab to the grand Islamic Fashion Festival High Tea 2013 (still regretting with all my heart out for not staying until the Gala night instead went to the ridiculous Anugerah Skrin!).And of course,the event is more fun when i got to attend it with my dearest brother,Izad Abas. :)

The event starts at 2.30 in JW Marriot Hotel,Bukit Bintang with the african theme,so talking about looking like an african,the first thing to flash in my mind was Tribal Prints!not much of a fan to it,but I guess it would have been something unique but at the very last minute I totally dissed the prints and decided to go for a heavy tribal accesorising with my all time fierce colour style signature!

I did got the chance to see many very high profiles people,the event was attended by the royalty and supports a very good cause that will bring many benefits to the fashion field in Malaysia.

These are some of the few photos that i took during the event.

From left,my brother; Izad Abas, Datin Firdaus, Datin Anna, Datuk Zainab, Ashmidar.

Datin Anna, Me and Izad Abas

Elaine Daly was amazing in this Tom Abang Saufi collection as the MC that evening!

I also bumped into some of my juniors which they still dearly remember me.I'm so humbled and pleased to see them!Thanks and much LOVE sisters! :)

XOXO Iris. :)

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