Monday, June 7, 2010

BIG gul do cry... :')

I'm happy.I cry.I struggle.If today I'm sad its because I know I'm happy tomorrow.
So I pretend like I'm strong.While I do felt insecured most of times.But its okay,because I have my mother,she's there to watch over me.Tellin me that if she can do it,then I can do it better.Its not all about myself,its what I would be someday.I'm okay if I have to be alone.I live my soul because I know God will be there to give me what I want.And take what I need for reasons.When I felt like I'm distant,I have my faith to pull me back.

Happy Birthday,
Iris Iana Abas..... :)

IRIS IANA DAH BESAR SKARANG!!!hehee See,everythngs doesnt have to be so perfect and beautiful...they just need to grow freely being themselves. :)

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