Sunday, June 6, 2010

I wish to have... Teaching Art Classes for Young Childrens!

Slalu ble tnye cita2 meks..of course,meks jawab nak ada butik sndri,clothing line,designing for exclusive garments!but theres also a thing meks slalu angan-angan dan cita-citakan dan jarang meks cerita..smpai ari ni..teringin nak kongsi ngan followers sumer.Meks ada 7 beradik dan meks meriah dgn anak2 buah..dari kecik meks slalu mlayan,meks mmg ske budak2.It feels so good to be surrounded with these innocents childrens.Feels like the world is away from u..Smpai meks terpikir teringin nak ade nursery sndri.But,I wish to do sumthng much more than that when I'm able to do so.My passion is for art,I love designing,being creative freely is how I express myself with my surroundings.Childrens,theyre my inspiration.Innocent,beautiful and still so pure..I cant imagine how happy I am to combine my passion and inspiration together in my life and least I bring the benefits not just for myself but also for sumone else. :)

Verangan kan??well,the root of dreams and success cum from Verangan lar kan... ;P

Art Classes for Childrens from the age 4-12...we provided classes for childrens to develop their creativity and passion for art.Trough our classes,children will learn and also experience the basic of art.Understands the principes of design and attracts them to be a creative person while growing up.Haahah...sumthing like dat laar the objective of da school..

Biarlah da school tak besar meks tringin salurkan ilmu yg meks ada ini utk kanak2 terutamanya.I want them to experience how enjoyable it is to grew with art just like me when I was still so little!except dat I never went to any art classes in my child ages.So,I'd love to give those oppurtunities to the children in the future..

sum schools dat provides art classes and teaching for childrens in KL;

hihi...its one of my dreams that I really wish to make it a reality one day..

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