Friday, June 10, 2011

My second acc in facebook.

Stelah agak sibuk dan lme tak bukak facebook acc meks.(tetibe post lam bahsa melayu rojak adek2 kan??!)Pagi ni mak bergegas bukak cbe mlihat apakah perkmbangan terbaru.As alaways hati gembira dan tgn bertepuk mlihat fren request dari kawan2 i ols... So tekan sajoh 'friend request accepted' button tuh.Instead of having them accepted like I always did,I got this message...

"Individual Facebook members can connect to a maximum of 5000 friends and Pages. To add this friend you will need to remove a friend or unlike a Page you are already connected to."

Whoa...I guess i can keep up to 10 000 friends from my account.But i guess itu hanyalah khayalan verangan adek2 sajoh.So then..I came out with my second please...add me trough my second acc okay fellows. ;)

Iris Iana

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