Saturday, June 11, 2011

Scewed up

This is my latest photoshoot!
It was a great night,posing by the street around ipoh.

Me was wearing a black satin duchess dress with glasses and mirror embelished around the V neckline.It was by a friend,Ean Ebrizal.Sexy and super fit dress.The shoes was by me,it was my last time wearing it becuz it was very2 hurtful putting those on!I hate it soo much!stupid shoes!

I know2,many as like,whos that hot gul beside Iris???Hehe...ladies and gentlemen...may I introduces you to Rounnah Beb.Whooaaawww...shes a massively hot Sabahan girl.Basically, a good friend of mine.She's been doing modelling before.I did ask her actually to do the photoshoot together!I never portrayed myself before with any other model in a photo.So I guess she's the best duet.We have great chemistry since I know her.Anyway,Beb,yes you are super hot and fierce.Thx for the crazy shooting night.Uve done it,superbly!

Beb was wearing my bestfriend designs actually,the peeked shoulder blazer,the skert and those killer heels.Its all by Feque Farhan.An upcoming great designer.Miss you soooooo much!LOL!

From the left,its Rafi,the lighting guy,Feque Farhan,Beb's costume designer,Me,Arm afriend of us and of course,Fahmi Samsudin...the photographer! It was a great photoshoot and a great experience working with all of u guys!mmmuaaaahhhxxx!

When looking again at the photoshoot's pics,it reminds me of Beyonce's latest video,Who Run The World and its remind me of my bestie's quote when he sing the song..."Who run the world???.....NOKS!".Hiks!

With Love and High End Couture Kisses,
Iris Iana

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