Tuesday, June 7, 2011

empowering iris.

*no,no,this is not my look after my 21st birthday celebration.Nope,I didnt received any free tanning coupon from any spa as my birthday present.Im still,erm,white!

someone's told me a few days ago during on a private dinner with him,the way to live you life is to not let others tell the directions of your way.I never takes it seriously until I finally understands what really happen in celebrating my 21st birthday about,erm,a week ago!

Its a super hard transition for me(no,not the part of from being a boy to girl!)Its more likely something I defines as INDEPENDENCY.I have dirts all over my brain when I used to get myself trapped with all so many irrelevant and undefiningly confusing advices that had twisted my personality much during my teen ages.It is something I supposed as regretions but not so seriously taken as I know that it would be such a waste to continue put urself in regrets of mistakes you have done.

Well,its an easy concept,I AM GROWING AND I AM DOING IT MYSELF. :)

We all have the ritght amount of potential to make it ourselves.Not being ultimately arrogant,but I believes wrong or good ways,Ive survived myself so well so far.Its a suprising result,to see myself intensely grow into a lot amount of strength to go trough my new 21 years old life.

TRUST-someone put his concept running trough my naive mind,now I am putting him and his understandings about trust so far away cuz he never understands it actually.Now let me understands it my way.So be it with him,I dont need it.

DEPENDENCY-I cant live without my skinny jeans!WRONG.Receiving some stupid opinions from people that Ive depends so much about how they judge me in a bad way-such as 'NO DIGNITY' apparently shook me to climb the mountain barely with my naked hands.Not on top yet,but I see that I will.And let me kick those assholes away from me.Wont say sorry for my rudeness.

All I can say is.Yes,I am a growing maturedly and independently.I consider it asa great emancipation.Im taking on the responsibilities fully towards myyself and happy to learn from all of the mistakes ive done and maybe will do.Just hope dat this 21st years old bring nme more lights to God,both my parents,prosperity,success and diamonds!Hiks!


the 21st years old Iris Iana...

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