Monday, November 5, 2012

my times with the dolls

What can be much more happier on weekend if its not spending times with my favorite dolls?I mean my two baby dolls,Myl and Fafa.We are enjoying our times so much relaxing and having a chill times. :).Its MAJOOORRR.

Im wearing my yellow chiffon blouse with butterfly motives on it.My favorite pick was the skirt.Its chic in so many levels,i've tried to match it with so many clothes and its still end up to look good.I am so in love with it.FYI,that black satin bow was from another skirt.And of course,my chained pink bag blends so well with the skirt too.I felt so feminine in these outfits!

I also got the matching bangles for the bag.And still,I always like to play lots of colours on my outfits especially accessories.Make it chunky and vintage,uh-mazing turn on chicness!

 I cant believe that I am with Myl having our off weekend day together after a long fight before.Eh,just kidding!One thing about me and Myl,we never fight since we're become good friends.Its just amazing,and now we both had grown up so much but still close like we used too.It feels like  asister when I'm with her.

Myl's flat shoes are major turn on.I love it.Its so her,edgy!

My charming beloved Doll,i call her Along,and I LOVE her so much! (and her paradise collections of bags!)

Guess what?I bumped into Farah Jaja!!she's also one my closest friend since we're studying together.Its been a while now we both are working and had not spend so much times together like we used to. :( But i was really glad to see her.

 One thing about us is,eventough we share the same addictive interest to fashion but we both completely had TWO different personal style.Myl is always the type of girl who looks very edgy with a bit of rockish looks while i'm more to a feminine style and love all the skirts and dresses.I guess that what makes both of us interesting,we have grown to develop TWO different style and personalities.

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