Friday, January 28, 2011

Favourite Fashion Item meks bulan inieyyy!

Meks ketagih gossip gul kalo u ols nak tau!dah lme n meks sgt tpengaruh ngan serena van der woodsen n blair warldorf!urgh!theyre so cool and stylish!love em!

So,fashion item favourie meks ni bulan ni dipengaruhi oleh citer gossi girl tersebut!i cant help it.

It's school girl's blazer!


actually,this is my favourite frm Ralph Lauren...and nobody does it better than Serena!

the blazer is like a statement that scream smartness in ur style! Combining it with dat chest baring shirt inside,adds sexiness in the style.That jeans,uwwhhh...its sexy,smart and casual!

so,mission meks kali neh untuk mndapatkan scoolgirl's blazer idaman meks yg paling cantik dan paling murah!dinch vintage shop!

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