Saturday, January 29, 2011

skinny bitch

talks about skinny pants.theyre my essentials item to live my life everyday.i can never felt as sexy,fitted and stylish wit my black tight skinny pants..i'd go everywhere with them...

my skinny pant's muse:

*duhh???no one does it better than this bitch!

the night gate

As like my any other fashion stuffs,I'll get bored with them very I' have these itchy hands trying out to improvise tis is wut happen now to my black skinny...

Inspired by...

The rock vibe,the messy bitch who would wear everything!craziness that ripped their pants!si inspiring!hiks!

So i make one of my own.....

my own ripped off skinny pants!i look like a real whore pose tepi almari myl!ops!

uwhhh....i love them so much!but again,i keep on improvising so I'm gonna show u guys later wut happen to that skinny now!!(actually kat bahagian pggung dah terkoyak cuz kaen ni cpat pcah u ols!)

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