Sunday, October 28, 2012

Iris The Halloween Cat!

Its Halloween!What did u guys wore for Halloween party?Well,I dont really celebrate them because it is not a part of my religion's and official country's celebration but that doesn't stop me from having a lot of fun playing dress ups with the rest of my friends in Pandora!So,on Halloween, Pandora (where I work) done a little Halloween celebration where we all had to participates by wearing costumes that are prepared by our management.I was so scared that they might dress me in some silly costumes!

Well,I dont care much if its funny but I am very sure that I will NOT wear them if they don't look CHIC enough!

Here I am!I'm a Kitty Cat!meeeoowww!!!

In order to avoid myself from being caught in a silly and stupid costumes which is so not Chic in so many levels,I had asked my colleagues to actually look for a cat ears,and dah-ling!Styling are always important.Best part is that the ear comes together with the leopard print bow-tie.Wait! I'm not sure if I'm a cat or a leopard now.Who cares anyway,I still love em.

So I styled myself with the ear and thank god I had this flowy black dress with layers of chiffon.To add a bit of naughty-ness to the dress,I paired a belt to add some silhouette that looks a bit girlish and childish.
What can be naughtier than pairing my kitty costume with a sky high heels!Even the heels kills my leg's muscle so badly,but I'm happy cause everything matches well!

The whole Pandora team.The Undertaker,and the Jedi,Star Wars.amazing!

Trick or Treat!These little chick cant get enough of the candies!

The Undertaker killed the leopard.Thats against the law of the wildlife!

Oh,the kitty cat is caught while tweeting! XD

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