Friday, June 7, 2013

Flowery Blouse with My Dolls

I have spent my off days recently with absolutely doing nothing at home.I've watched too many dramas and movies on TV,i have lack communication to the continuous growing style and trends in the fashion world due to my overdose of laziness to step out from the house,or must I say my precious bed to be more specific.Luckily I have bunch of friends and beloved dolls to save me from ruining myself in becoming the frog under the coconut shell!Haha!

So i took sometimes to go out with my dolls to catch a movie.Yes,its been a while I haven't done this,together,with my beautiful BFF, Myl. I used to fill my blog's post full with our pictures bitching around the campus quite a few years ago,oh how i missed that moment!Be sad no more darlings,because these two dolls not going to just forget all those memories away and here you go,for some of you who might missed
seeing Myl and I playing dress ups like we used to,I've post some of our new pictures hanging out with Jep and Jay. Its quite overwhelming to see that we are have all grown up except for the fact that we're still kids jumping around taking pictures for our erm, #OOTD in Instagram and my blog! :P

I am wearing a peach coloured blouse that I bought not a long time ago in the F-Block,Bangsar,I was totally in love with it because of the comfort.Its loose,the material is chifon and its in a very light pastel colour,so its screams comforts to me.And the facts that the sleeve reminds me of a flower,named Iris makes me wants to wear it everyday!

I have actually gaining a little bit of weight and yeay!I feel healthier now but the bad side is,wearing tight body con skirt from Cotton On like the one Im wearing in the picture isn't really a fashion fun thing to do.You can see my tummy looks like a little bit bumpy over there and sucking them in and holding my breath for few pictures aren't easy darlings!Luckily,I just love to combine those two pastel colours for a sweet styling but avoid making it look dull by pairing one of them in brighter colour like the blue skirt.Its more me for a casual day hang out.

Did you see those tummy?SHAME! i look like I'm pregnant!

Of course,the gorgeous bff,Myl.

 There is Jay,Me and Jep.

This is Jep's OOTD and I edited them myself.Hiks! Proud girl I am. ;)

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