Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week 2013: Malaysian Fashion Scene.

Watching the slow movement of Malaysian's fashion scene might feels like watching Kim Kardashian's boring reality shows but being a Malaysian blogger I am,I must say that I am honestly grateful to see an expanding ideas of nowadays young fashion designers.They have bring more fresh air to our local fashion scene in style development and uses more artistic approaches in relating arts and apparel.

I might didnt got the chance to see the whole shows for a week,but I've been following most of the designer's shows updates through friends,twitter,google and instagram, (many thanks to some of the local quick fashion bloggers who've been very responsive to KLFW since I'm also working that I cant fill my schedule with fashion week.)

During on the second day,I attended one of the show which I am humbly thanked my dear friend Jep and Jay for taking me with them.It was quite a good show even I was a little bit rushing from Bangsar for work and Pavillion for the show.In a very blink of an eye,I had to make a quick pick in one of the clothing store in Bangsar to get my outfit of the day.Ladies,in this very last minute moment,believe me it was a a big challenge to focus on simplicity yet keeping it 'less is more' is always important!

 I prefer to keep it simple.Back to the basic of black and white.I dont like looking trying too hard as i believe the best style is when you are in your higheat level of comfort even I must say that shoes was a foot killer,though!

 The chic friend,Jep Mansor.
 The Girl with an Amazing Style,Tiara Awatif.
 The Next Fashion Big Brain, Feque Farhan.

When it comes to KLFW,its like a header to the Malaysian Fashion Industry.I am looking forward to see real fashion designers that actually can bring Malaysian style sense to their creations.Since the collections are ready to wear,I always believe we're Malaysians,really go for casualty and comfort that suits our climate and it doesn't harm the fact that we also love looking fashionably glamorous.To cqater to that,I had my eye on these three new young local designers pouring their creativity that actually,I think really scream our local fashion sense.Its modern yet so oriental,fresh designs and most importantly I like the way that the garments were made to look so clean and casual. By Zakwan Anuar,ZEAL by Max Mak and Ruzz Gahara.

Looking forward for next year's Kuala Lumpur Fashion Week.Hopefully next time I will have more times to see the comeback of our darling local designer like Rizman Ruzaini and Hatta Dolmat in the fashion week.Yes,fashionistas like me miss you much. :)

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