Thursday, July 11, 2013


BEAUTY OF MODESTY Religion was never a key factor to break you from fashion.It was always a subjective thing,like fashion does and of course that is how art works.Combining the essential teachings of  a religion in the practicality of what you are wearing is one of the best thing in having a personal style.A beautiful big congratulation to Datuk Seri Shah Rezza for his brilliant efforts in compassing fashion with modesty and majestically highlighting the beautiful of the Islamic teachings into fashion. The grand annual festive, Islamic Fashion Festival is always a luxuriously modern event that's combined the best of Islamic arts to the stylish Muslim fashinostas.

Designers from many Islamic countries were playing their best creative minds blowing people and nurturing them with how a religion teachings can actually plays their roles to put fashion in the most stylish way.I have made my way to attend the event as my very good friend Qudyn was also participated in the annual event.

 Qudyn KL's team and friends.

 I choose to wear a tribal prints dress with black pump heels.I just love how tight the dress on my body with its simple cut but the print are the best part of the dress that I like the most.

With Qudyn

Bali,London and Abu Dhabi was some of the beautiful cities that had actually witnessed the beauty of Islamic fashion and styling paraded by IFF.This bizzare initiative taking IFF to many countries was actually a brilliant idea when its unite many cultures in one festival bringing the Islam teachings and art together. It was joined by many fashion extraordinaire from Indonesia,Thailand and Malaysia.

A Muslimah Fashion Muse herself,Your Highness Sultanah Zahira who made her way to the event.She's very humble and full of grace.I am very lucky to see her in person and eat few feets away from her table.Modest and stunning like she always does. :)

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