Sunday, July 21, 2013


 BAD JEANS I was never a big fan of jeans or denim.Yes it was one of the most comfortable material to be worn but I always have this perspective in my mind that it will make the whole look sloppy or 'undone'.But then what is style without an evolution?I have taken my deepest guts to get myself a nice pair of jeans,and to add some challenge of chic-ness to it,I prefer a bleached one. The side of me that loves the feminine look wont be harmed by adding some grungy sense with these bleached jean.Somehow,it does added a dose of fun to my outfits.Making it look girly yet rock-ish.

These are some of the jeans collection I had my eye on from Topshop.Be it high waisted,bleached or ripped,these jeans are one of the key to style essentials.Pairing it with t-shirts or some elegant blazers will enhance the casualty in your look while not loosing its sense of chic-ness.

All items are from Topshop.

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