Monday, April 18, 2011

Mental on knees or knees on mental??

I see myself and was trained by my mother to accept all kind of advices that comes positively on me.Its good actually to know that someone would care much about you.I also sincerely believes that I am never perfect and continuously makes huge mistakes.But when it comes accepting advices and words from people that I barely knew,I get a little bit careful as most of them came from some shallowed mental,short minded and lack of knowledge people-or should I say in a quite harsh word(i normally don't say this but in this case,I have to)erm-STUPID?yes.
Talking about religious is a very sensitive issue for me.Yes,I am a Muslim.Born and raised by my beloved Malay Muslim family.And I really have deep respect on my religion eventough I am not the perfect Muslim.Okay,I dont want to tell much about my religion as U see I am not so knowledgeable and need to learn more abou it.
But what had gone trough my mind and became an issue right now is when some so called 'i am a man of my religion' persons add me in facebook,followed my blog,ask questions in my formspring giving me some piece of an advice about religion.
Ure saying that u tries to make me realize all the sins that I have done.And u did talked about my body management when I died.Where the hell has ur brain gone?what kind of knowledge u had that makes u think u can talk about something like that to a person u just knew in facebook and blogspot?This kind of people dont just live outside the world of modernisation,but they have no respects towards their own religious knowledge.I am myself know not much about Islam and I continuously learning,yet one basic thing that I believes every Muslim knows and non Muslim too,I that...Islam don't judge people!And what happen to this man who thinks he knew so much and talks about death to me?Is he really sure and knows everything about it?
And if he really does.The best way that I knew a real knowledgeable Muslim should do,is to confront and talk to me.Face to face.Then I would see the sincerity in his heart to drop me the advices he had in his so highly knowledgeable yet undeniably empty brain. :) But,he didnt and why is that?Because he never knew me.Never knew where I live.Never knew where I came from.It is not an advice.Its a spam!
See,u talk so much,u drop so many advices but when it comes to y6ourself,u didnt know how to improve it.Making someone feel down about their sins and helping someone to repent on their sins is two different things.And this person thinks that he's helping me why he's trying to make me feel bad about myself and trust u don't help at all.
I supposed myself not to entertain this kind of people.Obviously they did say things accordingly to their mind without filtering it into the right sense of knowledge,logic and also in terms of respects.And should I give my tolerance to them?Of course,no.But this just to fill some of my unsatisfactory feelings since they are blindly write stupid comments and claimed it as an advice just like a wild boar running without knowing its own destination.Hello,es stupidos!this is my blog,I'm the diva it or not..I rule so get your ass level mentality out of it before you keep on being shamed by me. :)

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  1. humans ain't angels, saints, or nymphs. we make mistake and we never regret of making it - oh hell, at times lessons learned. it's life as we know it. kan?
    thus, be strong Iris! :)

    *p/s ; those people aren't shallow, or stupid, they just think they're perfect. TOO PERFECT. if you get what I mean ;) *wink!