Friday, April 15, 2011

More than just we're talking??

Now I learn something about myself.Apart that I am growing up and will reaching 21(I dont know why i cant stop and so excited to talk about part of me are actually growing up!)huhu
A person who are blessed with the mind that helps to generate my mind are usually the person who I will get closed and attracted so fast.Hard to understand?Okay2,let me tell you in the most and easier way lah.A smart person who helps me to think about big and serious things in my life will actually attracts me alot!It is much more than just the physical attractions,more than just the look,more than just the talk.Get it??
Haha...anyway,I just knew that.It is now really taking my whole body chemistry to it.I wont tell who or mentions about it too much.Too private to share.Let's say its too early to be known by u guys.Actually,I cant wait to tell everyone.
Let just see what happen.I wont be talking too much nor hoping too much.I would like to go with the flow.I put my trust in it but I wont be believing it. ;)

Me is happy now even stressed with study!ahaks!

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