Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Fallin for Chanel Fall preview!

Its falling to fall and I have my very own favourite's designers to be listed down in my entry eventough I havent experiencing any coolness of climate changes since I'm in one beautiful tropical country!Settled down your frustrassness over the trench coats u'l be hoping to wear around KL(which u don't, to avoid lookin like a fashionistas who belongs in the style trash,darlings!)

CHANEL under Karl Lagerfeld's creations has always been the one that won the crown for having such dramatic suprises!We all can deny how excited we are to be having the chance to explore the genius's fashion mind and sense of Karl's when every season's changing and so do the trends his taking with him.

Presented in atmosphere of the black forest,cold and mysterious,Chanel Fall Ready To Wear Collection posessed some kind of the androgyny style that makes it so different from any other shows it had been.Playing with the lines of gender,Karls create an ease in the seriousness of the design,mixing boying features with the feminine injections in the whole collection.

The photos up there,is some of my favourite from the whole collection.Just plenty of them,I like many of them yet I just picked those I really fall into.The red tweed jacket is so edgy and classic for me.Especially it winters when everyone tends to look so grey and in nude colours,adding some hotness of the red jacket can create abit of infusion in the whole wardrobe.The black dress also incredible,simple and elegant,it is well tailored and look very easy.It shows being minimalist can create a line between being edgy,masculine and romantic,feminine.Of course,the chic-est of all,is the long tweed dress.Its so Chanel!soooo romantic,feminine and elegant...

I hate to say this,but I just hate the SILHOUETTE most of the collection.The trousers are too baggy and the top isnt in nice sightseeing.I'm not sure if the message of 'line of androgyny and feminity' are right shown to me.I just cant get it.I ssupposed that I kind of missed the old Chanel from the previous collection.The past Crusie collection was to die for,masculiner yet feminine,i adore the silhouettes.However,Karl Lagerfeld always create masterpieces again and again.Chanel for fall is artistically touches the line gap of genders. :)

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