Tuesday, May 3, 2011

leaving without goodbye.i owe everyone's apologies.

I do have this quite weird habits that I always produces the words 'sorry' to people,especially to those I really loves and some of them may thinks that the word is already out of definition and meanings to my heart,WRONG.To be truth,yes,i always mean what I said,bad or worst.I am gifted to say things directly out from my brain and opinion(u dont say things out of your heart,or u can call yourself as stupid!)Taken words whether its in a form of positive or negative,I usually gives the first priority to my brain to make sure it doesn't affect me and I don't care if it does affect others.Yup,call me BITCH! ;)

To those whose been there for me in the whole semester in campus(i try not to make it sounds like a credit speech while its actually an 'asking for apology' speech!)To list out the names that I would like to say sorry may be to long,so I just lit some of them.

Firstly,of course,to my dear classmates and badge-mates,am so sorry to leave this semester without saying anything,not even goodbye and that makes u guys questioning where I am.To Jaja,Putri,Mok Nani,Putri,Meera,Zana,Jenny,Yati,Iera and Zack.I always will remember how we went crazy buying expensive satin around Jalan TAR,and how I run my tears realizing that I am out of budget for our final project.hiks!You guys always been there,putting me in stress and always holding my shoulder to be strong.TQ Zack for always dropping me some irrelevant stupid bombs of critics.I guess it doesnt work on me even its threatened my emotions a bit. Yet,anyway,I dont mind of some flies flying over my head without knowing their own destination. :)

Along,Keem,Fakhrudin and Loreal,they are my sisters.Acting as those persons who would always hurt me with their sharp words and opinion,yet I take it as an overwhelming critics and they did remain close to me all the time. I miss it being hugged by Along while sleeping,being a baby to her.I dont mind gettin pampered by her.While Keem is the one who will always shares many thoughts wit me.Harsh and brilliant,thats the way she provokes me to be better.This one person that always with me,acted more like my younger sister,Loreal.I wish u all the best.Right from the bottom of my heart,i felt guilty that I leave the room without telling u what's really going on while u always deserves more from me.Trust me,I will make up for that one.And so the rest of the boys in front of my room,Syahmi,Anjoy,Shahril and Din,i miss u guys everytime I wakes up from bed.I miss having lunch with u guys.I miss spending sleepless nights wit u guys making silly jokes.U guys are soo super duper wins my heart more than any guys could. :)

Last but nhot least,FahmiOh...dear..i dear love u so much...thank you for always being da one i can count on,being patience with my devilish diva attitude,sometimes!huhu.Tq for always being da one holding me while I'm losing.I always cares about u and u always be one of those noble and closest people in my entire life. :)

To those I haven't mentioned,I mean it deeply that Im sorry to everyone whos always been there for me.Accepting my goods and bads.Loving me while I'm so desperately alone.I hope we can meet again later.With bigger loves than the mountain,deep cares than the ocean,neverending hopes that way wider than the sky.Im grateful to have all of u.

Again anad again...Iris Iana wants to say SORRRYYYYYYY......

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