Thursday, May 19, 2011

my eyes make-up secrets and favourites!

Ladies,hold tight to your make-up brush cuz its time for us to play around with lotsa colours!Third thing that put smiles on my face after foods and shopping,its MAKE-UP!

So Im gonna drop you guys wit sum handy tips and secrets of my favourite beauty stuff!hihihi...Dont be scares to play with colours,accentuate your look and always know what to shows and hide in your make-up.And,remember guls,practice makes perfect!So always be super handy when it comes to make up becuz good make-up take out your inner confidence and dont be too lazy to spend a little time to blush that cheeks with colour to make you look ready and fresh everyday!

Ixora Prestige Wedding Couture by Iris Iana
IRIS IANA(official myspace)
 for Emi Samsudin&Jeanne Joanna Elvyra Studio by Iris Iana

In my make-up nothintg much to tell actually.Just like everyone else!

1.Eyes-the way to a person's soul is trough their eyes!When it comes to make-up this is where the part i'd become so excited and fussy.I have well erm 'sepet' eyes came from my chinese blood family.So i always try to make my eyes look more bigger and shining in doing make-ups.
The best is to do smokey eyes.Its very suitable for small eyes.

How to apply them??:choose from dark colours like this one(below)or try dark purple,blue,or green with shimmering effects for more dramatic looks.Great at night andfor special occasions.

fake eyelashes is always my best friends!i cant do make-up with them.And to be honest its my biggest make-up secrets.Without it.There wont be Iris Iana.Lets pray to the one person who invented fake eyelashes!

pencil eyeliner also!But for my eyes,I dont line it the whole on my lower eyes.Just half of them to avoid my eyes look small.And always never forget to also apply white eyeliner or shimmering gold highlighter to the corner of the eyes to add more shines!

I use lotsa liquid eyeliner on the upper eyelid!And i point it out a bit like 'saloma's eyeliner style' to make them dramatic!

That's all for now.But i will reveal more and more in times to come.So say tuned and always follows my updates to know more!Dont be shy to try and hopes you all likes and enjoys my tips!


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