Thursday, May 19, 2011

Rock that body!

Be it in any shapes.Big,rounded,oval,skinny, voluptuous and petite.You speak for your own body.Celebrates them everyday with great joys and gratefulness.Forget everything that you set in your minds that possessing you to keep on being unappreciated about your body look.Be happy to live your life in your own self.The root to have the great rocking body is to the happiest way by staying healthy.Yes,it is. :)
I'm just doin my job being photographed like this! ;)

Women of all ages especially 20 years and above always felt down about certain parts of their body.And yes,its normal to have that insecure feelings towards them as I also face the same thing.I am not feeling proud about my feet because I have very long finger and not-so feminine foot shapes.Yet,it has nothing to do to feel total insecure about my whole other body part.Yes I am gifted as not being normal and trust me,the fact that I am a transsexual makes me have to work 5 times harder than the rest of you girls out there to have a good body.Until I learnt that I will never get satisfied unless I hold the great faith in myself that beauty comes from confidence and by trying to improve my health condition.Yes ladies,its about staying healthy and fit!

My diet routine

I have not much to share about my diet routine because yes, I am a very hardcore food lovers.I like to have variety taste of foods and I never limits my desire to food.But one thing you need to make sure that if you have something according to your desire,you should always try to have good and healthier foods more.Keep everything balance.And I do not have my special strict diets.Usually,if I feel like I'm gaining weight to much,I will try to find the healthiest way to cut off the fats since I can gain weight easily and got excess fats around my belly.Yes I am! :)

One thing I could suggest you guys on how to cut off your weight and keeps everything in good proportion is by avoiding rice.True!it took a lot of courage!My days almost ended when I first try it for the first time.Being Malay,I can never resist myself from having rice everyday.Yet,they are the factors that lead me to get my weight added faster.So by skipping them It will help my plan to stay slim. Try this:
*Replace rice with other carbohydrates since they are the main factors of adding fats to the body.U can try have roti canai with less oil,bread for breakfast becuase the body still needs carbs for the energy.For lunch I replace rice with bread,and then I will have some fish and veggies,like sayur campur. Then for dinner I will have chicken and bihun goreng.

*Always eat before you hungry and whenever you feel hungry in all of asudden treat your stomach by having good snacks such as fruits.

*Never let yourself starved.Dieting should be fun and healthy.Not torturing.

*Replace rice slowly in your meal.Like you can reduce the intakes of it in your meal step by step.For example,if u have rice for your dinner and lunch today,why not you avoid rice for tomorow's dinner.At least you feel used to it and it wont make you feel shocked.

Like I say a good diet will make you happy and wont limits you to have what you like.Dont be so stressed about how your body looks,the more you try,the more you will feel unsatisfied.Trust me.Ive been trough it before. :)


  1. Yes I am gifted as not being normal and trust me,the fact that I am a transsexual makes me have to work 5 times harder than the rest of you girls out there to have a good body.

    ok this part is touching.

  2. yeah.i mean it.just dat sum guls are always complaining and have lack of confidence bout their body n thinks that im lucky to have my 'body'-truth is it needs lotsa hardwork ocay!haha :) thx.