Sunday, May 22, 2011

My center zipped white dress!

Its weekend I I really need to do some shopping.and who else can keep me companied other than Fifi??hahahha.again and again and again I love fifi so much.Its not dat i'm not going out with my other friends,its just I always had this all of a sudden plan and Fifi is the one who will always keep up with my 'suddenly' plan!hahah.Anyway,what are we wearing this time??tada!!
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Im wearing a white dress with the zip detailing at the center.Adore the gathers at the front so i look a lil bit slimmer and its create great slimmer ilusion.And of course I adore it because it so sexy and body hugging and short!well the badside is actually the dress is very thin and sheer at the back.If i turn around,I look like areal hooker because my panty and bra is soooo visible.So I match it with my wash out denim coat to avoid its looking trashy yet much more chic!hope u guys like it.anyway,I'm thinking of selling that denim coat..erm...

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and what's fifi's wearing that day?she found hereslf a very simple and easy chiffon dress.It comes with white colour but I asked her to buy a grey one.I really love the dress for its simplicity and the button detailing that looks good with effects of the chiffon.U work it very nice Fifie!

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