Monday, May 23, 2011

I can go trough it MYSELF!

When you have someone so important for you who always there to bring out the best in you.We start to mention that this person is damn important that we can ever put our life together just because they aren't there.We teach and brainwashed our own thoughts that how dependent we are towards this person/people that we are unconsciously drowned our own best self potential and intentionally telling yourself how weak yourself are.Grown up!Thats what I learnt the whole week,having someone actually to be there sticking for you in times of good and bad well,erm,basically dont mean anything for your life actually.No,Im not saying I am being unappreciated with people who always been there troughout my life.It just that Im taking out the dependant mood into something much more independence.This is the sign of growing out,pursuing something at your own risk without anyone there to gives out a hand.Any helps would be much appreciated but if they refuse to help,I had enough hand to handle my life together.Im a grown up bitch!

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